Best Youth Baseball Bats

November 4, 2015

As parents, we are never more competitive than when our kid in the spotlight. All that you want is for them to step up to the plate and crank one so far that the league will demand a drug test. You can work with your child every day and develop batting muscles, practice technique, and even go as far as using weight to increase strength. The problem is, they are missing a vital competitive edge. They need a bat that is going to flaunt their power, not limit it. That is why we have stacked this heavy hitting list of the three best youth baseball bats that fit your desire.

What to look for in a youth baseball bat

Before you dig into our reviews, it is good to know some of the things to keep in mind when purchasing a baseball bat for your kid. Make sure it is legal for play, this can be determined by the 1.15BPF (Bat Performance Factor) mark on the bat. This will ensure weight, length, material, size and knob are up to standards. Also, take a look at the relation between your child’s height and the length of the bat. Lastly, the ‘drop’, or relation between weight and length, is also an important factor in determining which bat suits your young Babe Ruth the best.

DeMarini 2014 CF6

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If you have seen this bat before, it was probably in the hands of youngster whose family is maybe too competitive. That should not stop YOU from getting it though. This baseball smasher has a 2 piece D-fusion handle that gives the perfect feel and allows complete control at the barrel. It is perfectly balanced, responsive, and powerful from tip to tip. Its weight was scientifically optimized for your little slugger with one purpose in mind. Knocking the stitches out the ball. Here is what other parents had to say.

“This bat is an excellent top of the line bat. On par with the Easton Mako and XL1. In fact it is the best of both worlds in that it has more balance like the Mako but power like the XL1..”

“This bat is amazing. Its super light weight but has a huge punch. When my son walked up to the plate for the second time with his new bat, he smashed it way over the outfielder’s head and nearly went over the fence. YOU MUST GET THIS BAT!!!”

Easton YB14S500

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Easton is known for creating quality, affordable youth baseball bats. So it is no surprise that they made our list. They come in customizable and well researched sizes that allow your child to extract maximum energy from every swing. It’s weight to length ratio is flawless providing comfort and the perfect power transfer. This is the bat that you’ll see at every baseball game you attend. This model in particular is geared towards the 7-9 year old group and has been driving balls farther for several years now. Let’s look at what some enthusiastic moms and dads just like you are saying.

“Excellent bat for my 8 year old son playing coach pitch baseball. Very good balance & the best length to weight ratio. He loves the bat! The extra length is helping him get to those outside pitches and he hasn’t sacrificed too much bat speed (if any) in going up another 1 oz in weight from his previous bat. It will take him a few weeks to get totally acclimated, but I have already noticed an increase in the distance & speed he is hitting the ball.”

“Awesome bat. My 9 yr old son hit a Homerun in practice on the first pitch I gave him. This is the bat he always uses now for little league.”

Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Xeno


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Louisville Slugger has been known for a long time as the elite in baseball bats. There is no exception here because this bat CRUSHES balls. This baby does not come cheap, but if you want your kid to smash balls out of the park like Benny from The Sandlot, make the investment. It features iST Technology to complete the handle stiffness and connection. This makes the bat’s sweet spot HUGE and provides a lot of room for a solid hit. The barrel is designed forgivingly and flexible to give bigger ‘pops’ and an extreme transfer of energy. One hit from this thing and your kid will never want to use another bat again. If this was not convincing enough, other competitive parents and coaches are here to back us up.

“Let me tell you, this bat has changed the minds of all of my players. They were all DeMarini lovers until i brought this bat to practice and they all hit the ball better and hit it further. I will never buy another bat.”

“My daughter plays 12u fast pitch and was hitting the ball hard with her DeMarini but wasn’t quite getting the distance I thought she was capable of. First practice with this bat and WOW, what a difference. Sweet spot seems to cover the length of the barrel with one exceptionally hot spot right above the anti vibration ring. Even though it states -11 feels very solid, seems a tad heavier than advertised.”

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest parents, we really just want ours kids to hit the ball farther. That is what all three of these bats accomplish. Of course, there are different levels and more age appropriate bats. For 7-9 little league players we recommend sticking with the Easton. As your child grows out of the Easton, upgrade to the DeMarini. When you are ready to see the what your kid is really made of, snatch up the Xeno. These are by far the best youth baseball bats for the age groups and even the coaches agree. Put some power in your slugger’s hands and watch them send one sailing. You will be the proudest and loudest fan in the stands.