Softball Bat Reviews

November 4, 2015

Softball is one of the most popular sports in the country. Some people do it for fun while others are serious competitors. No matter which type of player you are, choosing the right bat for your needs is important but can also be a challenge. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right softball bat and there are two basic types of bats to consider for your specific needs. Here you will find the best softball bat reviews. Four will cover slow pitch bats and four will cover fast pitch bats.

Slow Pitch Softball Bat Reviews

Louisville Z 3000


This new 2016 model slow pitch bat is considered to be the number one slow pitch bat on the market. This does not come as a surprise as Louisville bats in general have always been at the top of the list. The Louisville Z 3000 design is revolutionary. The technology is known as TRU3 and contains an inside disc (the Swing 1) which helps with control and delivers hits that are beyond powerful. Its material is Pure 60 Composite providing the player with an excellent pop without having to break it in. The barrel is 12 inches and is loved by power hitters everywhere.

Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax


While Psycho may be an off-putting name for a bat (or anything else for that matter) but ignore the name and you will get an excellent softball bat! This is the bat that is the same model used by the great Jeremy Isenhower. He is one of the very best softball players today so clearly this bat is an excellent choice. With a 14.5 inch barrel and a weight of only 26 ounces, this lightweight bat is perfect for control and handling. The end is loaded with an ounce of load in the end for the max amount of power. It is made of 100 composite containing carbons that are aerospace grade. The Miken delivers an amazing pop, a big sweet spot and excellent durability. The bottom line is that this is a cutting edge bat that is best for skilled players, not beginners.

Demarini SF7


This model of bat is perfect for all levels of playing skill. This bat has been a bestseller since it arrived on the scene this year (2015) due to its unique ability is to make all hitters happy, from those looking for great hitting balance to those searching for the perfect end load swing. For you power hitters, this bat features the X10 double walled barrel that is fantastic for power hits due to the strength and big sweet spot. It also provides you with an increased amount of durability for the strongest players. Heavy hitters love the velocity of the swing! The handle is a composite C6 that allows for the most flexible swing. The handle is the thrasher grip so it is comfortable to hold which is always good.

Demarini One


Finally we have the Demarini One slow pitch bat. This model boasts a composite barrel that is considered to be the stiffest one available and this is part of its popularity. The alloy is also the strongest of its kind and these things combined allow for each hit to be a bomb! Using this bat helps to optimize performance. The only possible downside is that it has to be broken in before you can get the full effect of use.

Fast Pitch Softball Bat Reviews

Louisville Xeno Plus


This is a great looking bat that is more than just an attractive piece of equipment! (Although if your favorite color combo is purple and black than this is the bat for you!) In addition to looking amazing, this bat uses SI iD technological advances that help you reconcile your speed with a balanced swing making it a double threat. There is no period of break in necessary and colleges and high schools across the country use this bat more than any others.

Easton Mako


This fast pitch softball bat is at the top of the list for softball lovers. This bat has a very large sweet spot area that provides players with an incredible amount of swing power that other bats only wish they had! Reaching this level of awesomeness was not an easy task but it was reached by way of the thermo composite material used to design this fantastic piece of sporting equipment. In addition, technology known as ConneXion seriously reduces vibration to help keep away any swings that would otherwise be awkward. If you are looking for a bat that has it all, this is about as close as you will be able to get.

Demarini CF8


This model actually puts the feeling of awesome power right in your hands. The barrel is a 2.5 and is made with composite material called Paradox. This material gives you stability and strength behind each swing. It is so lightweight that it fits and feels perfect in your hand. This model makes use of the very latest technologies that help to maximize your swing power and cutting down on vibration. You can also get the Demarini CF8 Hope that comes in breast cancer awareness colors to help show your support of the cancer survivors in your life. No matter which model you choose to go with, you will be sure to love the sound the ball makes when it connects with your swing!

Demarini CF8 Insane


It would be INSANE not to at least consider this fast pitch softball bat! It is much like the Demarini CF8 with some extra added perks that make it a better/different choice than the original model. The biggest difference between the two however, is that the end is more heavily loaded in this model. This one is also a drop 9 while the regular CF8 is a 10. Paradox composite is also used in this model giving in amazing strength and little to no time break. The handle, which is a D fusion, is fantastic when it comes to vibration control and the grip fits well in any hand for the ultimate play comfort.

When shopping around for the perfect bat for you, be sure to consider one of these top 8 choices for the best purchase outcome!

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