Best Exercise Bike Reviews

Biking is an effective cardiovascular exercise that helps you develop strong lungs and heart. Riding exercise bike does not only improve your cardiovascular, but also help increase endurance and muscle strength and efficient in burning calories. In fact, exercise bikes are more affordable than a yearly gym membership.

Why Exercise Bike?

Why choose an exercise bike over a treadmill or some cardio machine? Are the benefits the same or different? Honestly, you get the same benefits provided that the similar level of intensity is obtained.  Treadmill lets you burn 100 calories in a mile while in a stationary bike, you can burn 325-1100 calories per hour depending on your pace.

Stationary bikes are the perfect choice in terms of joint health and comfort. Studies demonstrate again and again that exercise bike is a joint-friendly equipment.

Steppers and treadmills are a bit difficult to operate. It requires extreme balance and machines can pose risks like injury. With exercise bikes, you have low chance of injuring yourself and you can do more movements.

Exercise bikes are efficient whether you are toning muscles, losing weight or keeping body fit and healthy.

What are the Types of Exercise Bikes?

There are three different types of exercise bike – spinner, upright or recumbent. What model to use? It all depends on your preference.


Sometimes, spinner models are perceived as upright bikes. This is wrong. You can tell a spinner bike from other models through handlebars. Handlebars can be pushed forward so user can bend over as he/she rides. It increases the intensity and provides different seating positions.


Recumbent exercise bikes are famous ten years ago. Perfect for seniors, this type of bike has a chair like the standard chair. Reclined slightly back, the rider feels little pressure on ankles and knees. The handlebars are either adjustable or not.


Upright exercise bike is like other normal bike. It has smaller seat and handles. This type allows you to bike in upright position which puts pressure on lower part of the body.

Some may think recumbent model is easier because of its reclined feature, but it is no different to upright model. However, recumbent bike is ideal for older people because it does not put much pressure on the knees.

All types have their own benefits. It is still your decision which is better depending on your age, weight and goal.

Choosing the Right Exercise Bike for your Needs

What bike to choose? This is the question you must answer before purchasing one. Every bike has its own advantages and disadvantages, but knowing a bit of information about them enables you to choose the perfect bike for you.


A recumbent or normal model is advisable. If you are a senior citizen, then clearly the recumbent model is your choice. If you are a young adult or adult, then it is up to you. Many people prefer upright models because of the upright position it gives.

The Program

The computer in your bike and LCD screen provide programs that are accurate and user-friendly. Expensive models permit you to modify program settings that can be used for pre-set workouts.

Resistance Levels

Resistance levels enable you to grow and challenge your muscles. Take your workout routines to the highest levels and achieve a toned body. If you aim to improve your cardiovascular, then resistance levels are no problem.


If you are living in an apartment with limited space, then you have to consider the size of your exercise bike. If this is the issue, then you might consider a folding exercise bike.

Weight Limit

Although weight limit can be adjusted, it does not mean problems won’t surface. Before you buy, make sure your body weight is in weight limit.


This is an important factor in purchasing an item. The prices range from less to more than hundred pounds. Expensive models have advanced functionality and designed for commercial use.

Before purchasing a model, you should read several reviews. Reviewers let buyers know the pros and cons of one particular model. Make it a habit to read reviews before purchasing. Several issues, like damaged engine, can be prevented in the future.

Why Exercise Bikes are Beneficial?

An exercise bike give you the benefit of biking in place. You can watch your favourite show, listen to music while you ride as fast or as slow as you can. You can bike anytime, rain or shine.

Exercise bikes help you:

  • Tone your muscles. Intense workout sessions can help tone your muscles. Higher resistance level or pedalling fast can help you achieve it. Aside from quadriceps, calves and glutes become more developed. Upper body can also become toned with handlebars.
  • Increase energy. One study shows that biking can boost energy levels by 20%. Moreover, biking triggers the release of dopamine from the brain which reduces fatigue by 65%.
  • Burn calories. As mentioned, biking is a cardiovascular activity which is well-known to efficiently burn calories. You can burn 500 calories per hour in just one session of exercise bike.
  • Increase intensity as a rider. Fast pedalling provides great results. If you are a rider, you can push your intensity further with an exercise bike.
  • Reduce injury risk. Biking is joint-friendly. Old people will absolutely benefit from exercise bike as it does not put pressure on joints, hips and knees.
  • Develop your cardiovascular. Intense sessions pump more blood into your heart which causes your lungs to expand. Biking three hours per week can reduce risk of cholesterol and blood pressure goes down. Blood sugar is also regulated.

Whether your goal is to lose those unnecessary fats or remain health and fit, then the right exercise bike will help you.

Top Exercise Bike Models in the Market

We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle


A spinner exercise bike with a price tag of £160. It is complete with state-of-the-art features and comes in sleek design for limited space. It has resistance system, adjustable handlebars, aluminium pedals and 13KG wheels. You can easily adjust the seat vertically and horizontally. It is complete with LCD monitor to display tome, calories burned, speed, scan and time. An average-priced We R Sports exercise bike that is equipped with advanced features.

F-Bike Exercise Bike


A cheaper exercise but fairly rated by over 600 actual buyers. With 4.5 star rating, this should be on your list. The ideal bike for beginners. An easy-to-fold bike for limited space and equipped with 8-level resistance to develop muscles. It has 5KG flywheel and weight limit is up to 100KG. Like other exercise bike, LCD monitor to display the usual statistics – calories, time, distance, pulse and speed.

With £90 price tag, it is a fairly-priced exercise bike.

SB300 Diamond Exercise Bike


This is on top of our list. SB300 Diamond gives the brilliant workout but it is the most expensive among the three. But it is worth it? Yes!

It has emergency stop, an adjustable seat, easy tension control, made from steel frame and 18KG cast iron flywheel. It has weight limit of 120KG. Although this bike has no monitor, it is excellent in every aspect. If you are a rider who aim to develop your skills or want a machine that will last for years, then this is the most suitable model.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike


It is complete with Schwinn Connect that displays figures and data that lets you easily track your fitness goals. It has 2 LCD window system that lets you see thirteen display feedbacks. Toned those muscles with 25-level resistance and high speed flywheel to achieve a quiet and smooth workout. With a price tag of £321.99, a fair price for a 4.2-star-rating exercise bike.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike


A space-saver! A foldable exercise bike for easy storage and transport. Sit comfortably on its large adjustable seat cushion and burn those calories. This bike can hold weight up to 300lbs. With 8-level tension resistance, you can modify the intensity of your workout. The bike includes heart pulse system to watch your pulse while you sweat it out. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike has a price tag of £96.93 and a rating of 4.5 star.

Even though you jog or walk in the morning, stationary bike is a complimentary exercise to lose those fats or tone those muscles in no time. Avoid straining your body and let it receive a good and healthy workout with exercise bike. A low-maintenance and user-friendly machine that keeps the body fit without the hassle of stepping outdoors. Whatever your shape is, an exercise bike can help improve your overall health in the comfort of your home.

I hope this review helps you in numerous way on how to choose the right exercise bike. Bear in mind the first step in finding the right one is by determining your fitness goals and your current weight. Price, size and brands come after. As mentioned, read reviews before purchasing the model you like. Although some may look promising, you have to consider what actual buyers say about it to know if it is worth it.