Exerpeutic 400XL Exercise Bike Review

The Recumbent bike is one of the most popular exercise equipment of today. They have found their way to homes and gyms across the country. This is due to the quality of workout and comfort they give to its user; whatever their health condition may be. Even though it is a sought after exercise machine, one issue that would often hold back interested buyers is the physical bulk of the unit and the estate that it would take up in their home. The Exerpeutic 400XL succumbs to none of these issues. It is a folding recumbent bike, innovatively designed and engineered for easy storage and fold-up after each use.

It operates quietly because of its V-belt double-drive transmission system, complimented with a direct precision-balanced flywheel for added stability. Exercises will always be challenging thanks to its magnetic tension control system. It also has an LCD monitor that tracks the speed, time, distance, burned calories and heart rate. The hand pulse monitor captures in real time the riders heart rate and displays it via the LCD.

Even though it is a foldable piece of equipment, it still accommodated the well-padded seat and backrest that provides optimal support. This guarantees a torment free workout even with prolonged routines on the bike.

The Exerpeutic 400XL may have a space-saving design, but don’t underestimate its power. It is a solid Recumbent Bike that dishes a workout like no other while safely providing support to the body.


The unit can fold quickly for easy storage

The unit is can handle riders that weigh up to 300 pounds

The unit’s “high torque” cranking system is designed to produce a smooth and even pedaling motion


The unit cannot accommodate people taller than 6’2”.

The resistance of the bike may not be enough for advanced users.


Dimensions: Height: The height of the bike is 33 inches

                          Width: The width of the bike is 19 inches

                          Length: The total length of the bike is 46 inches

                         Weight: The weight of the bike is 43 Pounds

Computer: The LCD display which captures distance, calories burned, time, speed and heart rate

The Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike Price

The Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike can be bought at a price of $149.00 with free shipping.

What customers have to say about the air conditioner:

The customers rated this product 4.5 out of 5 stars.

“As an apartment dweller I was so pleased to find this (thanks Sky Mall magazine for the idea, but bigger thanks to Amazon for having it at a great price with super saver shipping too). To be honest I was skeptical as to how sturdy this product would be and as to how much of a workout it would give. I have not been disappointed at all and in fact more pleased than I thought I’d be.

It was easy to assemble, but must say that the instruction manual gives WAY too many diagrams of parts, etc. that aren’t needed to assemble it and makes it look more intimidating to assemble than it really is. It comes with a wrench and Phillips head screwdriver/Allen wrench and that’s all you’ll need. It took me about 45 minutes to assemble, but had the instructions been simpler it would have been more like 30 minutes. I keep the tools handy and check the assembly points from time to time and give it a little snugging up, but it’s not as if the bolts are really loose. It’s just me being a tradesman’s daughter and raised with the idea of preventive maintenance. It compacts and moves easily with the small wheels on the back – I can move it with one hand.”

“ After two years of suffering at the gym, I got nothing out of it but aches and pains. But with this bike, you can just sit and watch TV and work up a heavy sweat. I was a bit concerned when I ordered it that it would be too easy and not be a real workout, but it absolutely is. Your back stays comfortable, there’s no stress on your joints, but your muscles get as much of a workout as they need. You can get on and off it so easily that I will weave little mini workouts right into my day. I wish I got it sooner.”

“Easy to assemble, very compact, gives a great workout. I like the fact that it is recumbent — much easier on your back. Takes up very little room and easily folds up. Very sturdy so not worried that it will come apart while I am riding it. Also, as mentioned previously, very quite too, so good for exercising while watching your favorite TV shows. VERY Happy with my purchase and highly recommend. “