Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike

Looking for an exercise machine that lets you work both your lower and upper body? The problem with a lot of exercise bikes these days is that the trend seems to be taking the focus off of your arms so you simply work your legs, leaving you free to do anything else to keep your mind off of the workout and avoid getting bored. This trend seems to affect the way people would think about their upper body movement altogether. It’s pretty much okay if you were only after calorie burning. Or fat burning, but if you want to tone your muscles at the same time, it just wouldn’t cut it.

The Velocity Dual Motion Recumbent Bike allows you to both work your legs via the motion of riding a bike, while the rotating upper body exercise system targets your arms and improve upper body strength. The seat is very comfortable, relieving stress to your back, neck and shoulders, while working out the best parts of you.

The 5 Kilogram flywheel is at the front, so you know the bike does not fold away and store away. There are 8 levels of difficulty, and the seat adjusts to conform to your leg length. These help you to achieve the best fit as you mount the device and do your thing. Get the best cardio workout with this exercise bike.

Velocity, the company responsible for this machine, has been in the business for over 30 years, giving it the experience and the credibility you deserve in a great product. The equipment has passed strict ASTM standards for safety and durability.

A lot of users and owners have written positive reviews about this machine, stating it has even helped them with either themselves coming out of surgery or a family member who needs the exercise this machine can provide. The body of the unit is durable, as the frame is structurally steel, encased in very durable ABS plastic. The weight limit of the bike is 250 pounds. The seat is adjustable, made of polyurethane and therefore, very comfortable seating.

Within the handles are sensors for the heart rate monitor, it offers more than that, though, as it measures and tracks time, speed, ODO distance, calories. The bike now becomes a complete workout machine with the ability to track down the progress of your workout.

As mentioned earlier, the machine seems to be popular among people who have had either injuries or medical conditions, and uses the bike to either maintain physical activity or keep good cardio health. This tells me that the machine is not very difficult to figure out, and shows positive results. It is also not that hard to use. Although the bike does not fold to storage, the unit is compact enough to own its own space somewhere.

Place it in in front of the TV or a well thought of corner. It depends on your preference, Watch TV while you work out, while keeping it in a place of its own. The main charm of this unit is the ease of access it brings and the positive results reported by other owners. Another good thing about the equipment is that it is easy to assemble and you can start using the machine in no time at all.

The machine has been recommended by a lot of owners. These people had attested that the bike does give results, and have found that it fits their needs perfectly. Again, the best results of any exercise goal are the determination you feed it with. Until then, enjoy!