Polar FT60 Review

The Polar FT60 is an excellent fitness wearable that monitors your heart rate as you workout for optimal results. This product is designed for weightlifting, running, and even swimming. It allows you to set your personal goals and helps you achieve them. The FT60 comes in various stylish colors for men and women, and you can get one starting at around $111.00 on Amazon.

Polar FT60 Review

Key Features

  • Personalized training programs that are easy to understand and follow
  • Motivational rewards for achieved goals
  • Five-minute fitness test to monitor user progress
  • Comfortable fabric heartrate monitor strap for training convenience
  • Fat and calories burned percentage displayed on screen
  • Storage space for 100 training data
  • Impressive backlight for convenient indoor exercising
  • Compatible with optional distance and speed sensors

Personal Touch

The Polar FT60 logs your trainings and uses the information to come up with tailor-made workout plans to help you achieve your fitness goals. Once you are done with your workout, your training data can be made available on the Polar website. Another great thing about this heartrate monitor is that you can choose from the wide variety of designs for men and women.

Smart Training

The FT60 works like a smart fitness trainer. It keeps track of your workouts and puts together training plans to help you hit your goals without going beyond what is safe for you. It can also notify you whether you have gone beyond your limit and when you are under-doing your workout. The FT60 heartrate monitor basically works like your virtual fitness trainer.

The heartrate monitor is the main reason why the FT60 is capable of telling whether you are over- or under-doing your workouts. It makes a noise whenever you hit the danger zone to keep you efficient during your workout and maintain a good cardiac health. This fitness product does not only help you stay in shape, but also allow you to make the right decisions.

If you love to tinker, then you will appreciate the information being sent by the FT60. Unlike the other fitness bands that light up and make sounds without any data aside from the clock, the FT60 allows you to view your workout information right on your wrist. The screen display keeps you well-updated about your training progress and keep you motivated throughout.

One of the main reasons why this product is a hit is its ability to work well under water without any signal issues. Furthermore, Polar provides the Weblink software that can easily be downloaded from the brand’s website and installed. This software allows you to quickly review your workouts and see your training goals for the week. The website provides helpful information that will help you successfully achieve your fitness targets on time.


It should be noted, however, that the Polar FT60 is not a perfect product. There are some drawbacks that should be considered. One possible downside is that the heartrate monitor comes in limited designs for men. This should not be a major issue as the choices are definitely attractive. Besides, the aesthetic appeal should not on top of your buying criteria.

Furthermore, the Polar FT60 does not come with a cheap price tag. Its full price is more than $200. You can, however, purchase the more affordable offer of $111.11 on Amazon.


The Polar FT60 is loaded with features and options that will make every training session worthwhile. Its highly-accurate heartrate monitor can help keep your workout challenging enough without bring danger to your overall health. One great thing about this fitness product is that you can customize it with optional add-ons to make it more compelling.

While the FT60 lacked the color choices, this should not hinder you from purchasing this product as its incredible features outweigh this disadvantage. Its price tag should also be the least of your concerns. You can purchase a more affordable FT60 through Amazon, about $100 cheaper than its regular price. Overall, the Polar FT60 has all the essential training features inside a stylish wristband that will not disappoint.

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