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Best Golf GPS Watch

When you are out playing golf on the field and you want a device that can give you information on your swings and location, then a GPS watch is all you need since it is compact and easily straps to your hand. Many golfers today use this type of watch because most of them can be linked to your smartphone and review your activity. Golf GPS watches are basically field measurement devices that will map out the course for you, give you accurate directions and distances and at the same time keep a track of your scoring and is a great help for Golf starters who are looking to improve their game play. Now, before you go rushing to a store and buy, here are some things to consider before buying.

First is the design of the watch. Since you will be wearing it in your hand all the time, you must look for a watch that has a large display to easily see and keep track of your progress. Some manufacturers design their products differently, so it is better to choose the one you are comfortable using.

Another thing to look into a Golf GPS watch is its battery life. As a device packs more features, the more power it needs to operate. This is one of the most important features which directly relates to the amount of time that you spend for a single round on your local Golf course. Choose a model which would at the least work for multiple rounds before requiring a recharge.

The durability of the watch you choose is another factor to consider. Since you will be out on the field swinging your club, your watch must withstand the abuse of the shock and intensity of your swing. A shock-proof and waterproof GPS watch is a must have feature especially if you’re in an outdoor environment. Of course, you need to protect your investment since most GPS watches can be a bit expensive.

Finally, look for a Golf GPS watch that is easy to use because it really makes no sense to have a highly complex range of features which are difficult to navigate and use while playing. Before buying, try to test out the watch if you are comfortable using it. If in doubt about a particular watch you want to buy, ask some people who have knowledge about these products or search the internet for user ratings to know more about it. So, if you are shopping for quality Golf GPS watches, here are some of the best you can buy today.

7 Golf GPS Watches to buy

7. Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch

The Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch is a small, sleek and comfortable watch with a long battery life. It is preloaded with over 35,000 courses in more than 30 countries, no downloads, and no membership fees. It also features auto course recognition and auto hole advance with easy-to-read front, back and center distances. With up to 4 hazards or lay up distances per hole and a distance calculator and integrated step counter. It is legal for tournament play and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

6. ScoreBand Golf GPS Watch

If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive Golf GPS watch, then this is the one to buy. It’s a strong, stylish, lightweight, comfortable and reliable golf course yardage finder and scorecard on your wrist. So simple you can start using it right out of the box. The ScoreBand GOLF arrives preloaded with 30,000 courses worldwide with no extra subscription fees. It has yardage to hazards, stores up to ten rounds of scores and you can quickly transfer score data to PC with USB cable included in the package. Its long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery can power the watch for 8-10 hours in GPS mode.

5. TomTom Golf- Golfer 2 GPS Watch

With the Golfer 2, you can keep perfect score without taking your eye off the game thanks to the auto-scorecard feature. It will also record and categorize the kind of shots you’ve taken for analysis later on the MySports app so you can identify improvements for your next round. The TomTom Golfer 2 gives you precise distances to hazards ahead, greens, and lay-ups, to help you master every hole. Stay out of the water and the bunkers with the help of hazard-view. This Golf GPS watch comes preloaded with full course data of over 40,000 international golf courses.

4. Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch

The Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch delivers fast, accurate distances to greens, hazards, and doglegs via the convenience and comfort of a watch. Upon launching into GPS mode, the Callaway GPSy Watch automatically locates your course and will auto-advance from hole-to-hole during play. With just a glance you’ll have accurate distances to the front, center, and back of the green, as well as layup and carry distances to hazards and doglegs. It also comes preloaded with over 30,000+ global course maps with no download or subscription fees are required.

3. Golf Buddy BB5 Golf Range Finder Wrist Band GPS Band Watch

The GolfBuddy BB5 is the 1st ever golf GPS band in the world. This unique and fashionable band offers distances to the front, center, and back of the green with an LED display. The BB5 features time mode, play mode, pedometer, and comes preloaded with over 37,000 courses. The BB5 offers comfort, style, and function, all in one. This watch also comes preloaded with over 37,000 courses worldwide. If you prefer the design of a wristband, this is the one to get.

2. SkyCaddie Linx GT Game Tracking Edition

The SkyCaddie Linx GT game tracking edition is Golf’s first GPS rangefinder and shot tracking watch with mobile GPS app. Linx GT is a standalone GPS watch that features sky golf’s best-in-class true ground course maps, preloaded to provide golfers with distances they know they can trust.  It’s a three-in-one watch with quick GPS distances on your wrist, expanded view of the hole on your smart phone and shot tracking in real-time.

1. Garmin Approach S20

The Garmin Approach S20 provides precise distances to the front, back and the middle of the green from anywhere on the course. It also allows you to see distances to doglegs and layups, position pins manually and create your own yardage points. It has an activity tracking that keeps track of your steps, calories burned, distance, time of day, and sleep. With its GreenView feature, you can see the exact shape and layout of the green.

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