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Top 7 Ping Pong Table Reviews

Ping pong tables can last for so many years that it can be inherited by your great grandchildren or other relatives when you’re long gone. But buying one requires deep thinking in order to come up with a table built with the right materials to make it last longer than you’d expect it to be.

We have gathered 7 of the finest in the industry for you to have a sneak peek and for you to get an idea out of reviews we made for each.

Ping Pong Table Reviews

7. Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Built with durability and style, the Cornilleau Sport 500M is an outdoor table tennis that features qualities typical of long lasting recreational equipment in remarkable design. This foldable table has a playing surface constructed with laminated 7mm resin able to stand the harshest games of ping pong. It is equipped with corner pads, locking mechanisms to prevent it from accidental collapse, sturdy collapsible legs arched to create a stronger base, and a long-lasting net.

This table is water-resistant to make it withstand changing temperatures and climates, a feature that spells high quality. Color options are in blue and slate, highlighted by an anti-glare MATTOP finish. The table skirting is made of metal and the sides can be folded up if a player wants to practice alone.

Users of this product have proven its capacity to stand the test of time and the locking device system makes it one of the safest tables to play on. The product received 5 out of 5 stars at online reviews and is a highly recommended table for professional or home outdoor practice

6. Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table

The Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table is set for action right out of the box. It is constructed with special edge band on the corners to prevent snagging and hurting the player while aiming for a close shot. It has 2-inch square legs made of steel, supported by a 2-inch steel apron for more stability. Playing surface is done in matte black with the usual striping and fitted on the sides with a 66”net that is supported by sturdy mounting posts.

With high quality materials, the table stands strong and can last for several years. Its table surface is constructed with a ¾” board which makes it even sturdier than others sold in the market today.

The table can be folded easily and saves a lot of space for storage which is a problem for many homeowners. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 by a good number of consumers. Among the few negative reviews it got was the sagging center of the table after several months of usage and some complained about defective legs. If only customer support is fast at acting on these issues, users will never bother complaining. But overall, this table comes highly suggested by majority of its users due to its side safety feature.

5. Butterfly TR21 Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table

If you are looking for a quality professional ping pong table with an affordable price, the Butterfly TR21 Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table could be the one for you. This item is a good addition to your game room or can be purchased for a recreation center. One can play alone or in pairs in this easy-to-fold table which rolls away and locks in place when stored. Playing surface is extremely flat which allows for a good amount of bounce and built with warp-resist materials.

With its sturdy construction and high quality materials the Butterfly Rollaway table is sure to give your family or group many hours of enjoyment. It features a very flat and long lasting playing surface that will resist warping. It is made from ¾ inch wood and features a 1-1/2 inch steel skirting for added support, with 8 tube legs measuring approximately 1’’ each.

This rollaway table is built with a ¾”wooden top and a playing surface with 1.5”steel skirting. It is fitted with steel legs that provide full support for the entire equipment. Covered by a 3-year limited warranty, people flock to buy this highly acclaimed product as they know they can take advantage of this bonus feature in cases of defective purchases.

4. Kettler Top Star XL Outdoor Table Tennis Table

This 7/8″ patented table features weather-proof ALU-TEC top and comes with Climate-Control technology. Play is ultimately smooth and anti-reflective in this certified true bounce tournament table. It owns a space saver technology and has a low center gravity capability good for compact storage. It also features 5.5”dual wheel casters which makes it easy for transporting from one side of the yard to another. The table makes use of an integrated locking system to make it more stable while a game is on. Its DLS Dual Lock Safety Mechanism helps you to avoid accidental closing or opening.

Kettler is famous for its aluminium table tops and is a pioneer in water-resist technology made exclusively for table tennis construction. The process seals the wood permanently for a long time which makes it super durable and cost-saving for users in the long run.

3. Killerspin MyT5 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

The MyT5 Rollaway ping pong table features separate halves that fold up which makes it perfect for individual practice. The rollaway folding design is meant for easy carriage and the safety locking wheels helps in securing placement and stable play. This Killerspin model makes up for fast set up as it is easy to fold after the game.

The MyT5 Rollaway table is ideal for beginners and constructed with a 16mm MDF engineered with repeat roller coating. It has a heavy gauge 20mm x 50mm edge metal banding and 35mm square frame legs. It weighs 196 pounds and comes with a net. Overall, it measures 29.9” x 60” x 107.8”. According customer reviews, this table has excellent features which attract every player who wants to have an enjoyable weekend game.

2. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

The Joola is a high quality indoor ping pong table designed to delight the family during recreational bonding moments. Construction materials in creating Joola were combined to create an ideal playing surface which includes a sturdy all-steel undercarriage and metal surfaces made with a long-lasting powder coating to ensure lasting effects. Its 2 halves can be separated and can be placed against a wall with dual sets of legs as support.

The table’s flat playing surface is made of ⅝” durable wood composite and has an underside made of 100% steel construction. To support the table, the legs are made of 1.5” steel with 4 sets of strong casters to lock them in. Product comes with a net and posts securely mounted on the sides. With dimensions of 108” x 60” x 30” and weighing 137 lbs., you are up for a good game anytime.

1. Viper Portable Tri-Fold Table Tennis and Game Table Top with Accessory Set

This portable trifold table can be mounted in a few seconds and can be set up on top of traditional dining room tables, pool tables, kitchen islands, and other platforms. You can also use this versatile equipment for a game of checkers, backgammon, or chess among others as these games can all be played using it. Product comes with a pair of paddles, a net, ping pong balls, and a carrying case.

Unfolded, this table measures at 84” x 42” x 1/4″. It is said that this is a great option for on-the-go players who may be up and about any time of the day. This table measures a good 2/3 of the normal table tennis table and good enough to generate bounce. Not mentioned on the product description is its ability to be folded in two places which makes it really diverse. It can take on several games whenever you get bored. However, some customers complain about its triangular plastic cap found on the corners falling off when used. But with the diversity it provides, more of its users can only say thanks to innovation.


Choosing needs careful examination and with the many brands competing for fame, you would sometimes end up with the least performing one.

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Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes

Whether you are playing on grass, clay, or on hard courts, tennis shoes need plenty of traction and stability that players require during a game. These shoe qualities help players to avoid injuries and ensures can move at a fast pace when keeping up with the game play.

That is why you have to think about important points when choosing your new pair of tennis shoes. Here are the essential aspects you have to look at:

  • Playing style: Select shoes that meet your playing style. There are two types of playing styles namely: the baseline player and the serve and volley player. Baseline players need shoes with lateral support and must have durable soles.
  • Court surface: There are hard concrete, grass and clay surfaces players use for tennis games. The type of surface impacts the players’ performance inside the court. That’s why if you’re playing on a concrete surface, you would need more durable shoes because of the hardness of the ground you are playing on. Upper and outsole materials should be tough and leather or a vinyl pair of shoes is highly recommended.

For clay courts, there is a need for non-damaging traction types of shoes. If you play using different types of courts, choose something that you can use to traverse between various types of playing grounds.

  • Foot type or shoe fit: Be aware of your type of feet. You might have a neutral, overpronation, or underpronation type and this poses some kind of challenge when choosing tennis shoes. If unsure, undergo a wet test to help you determine the kind you have.

The process requires you to wet your foot and then, step on a dark sheet of construction paper. Your footprint will let you know which part of your foot has more of your weight on.

  • For those who fall under the overpronation type (flat-footed), shoes that are needed must provide stability.
  • Those who belong to the neutral line have a moderate space along the arch area and this means you don’t have much of a problem on which type of shoes you wear.
  • If your footprint leaves a large, open area, you belong to the underpronation kind. You will need a more flexible pair of tennis shoes to ease you up with shock issues while negotiating lateral or quick movements.
  • Shoe style: Tennis shoes are usually more flat than other types of rubbers and have specially designed patterns on the soles; depending on the type of playing surface. Some shoes are made of thicker and softer heels to lessen weight and cushion the foot to reduce impact but tennis shoes are built sturdier for the challenges that may present players while on the game.

That’s the reason why it is vital to distinguish the differences between tennis shoes and other footwear before you proceed to a sports mall.

Here are the top 10 best tennis shoes for men and women:

  1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Game Point Tennis Shoe

These shoes ease up shock for quick paced running on various types of surfaces. It offers a smooth transition for mid-stance players. Its solid rubber outsole features lateral wraps which provides the highest quality finish and high levels of traction to prevent players from slipping. These are made of synthetic and leather materials. Price starts at $44.27.

9. K-Swiss Hypercourt Express Leather Women’s Tennis Shoe

This is made of synthetic and Hypercourt express leather material and has man-made soles. This pair provides great traction for players and weighs an average of 12 oz. These shoes also feature a plush sock liner which is among the beneficial characteristics players look for. Selling price of this pair is at $99.95.

8. Head Women’s Sprint Pro Court Shoe

Speed up the game with this pair that is lightweight and ideal for women who are focused on speed. Offering both stability and durability, it has a seamless and durable EVA midsole and a sidewall wrap-up that offers more comfort for the playing feet. It is done in Hybrasion and rubber compound which enhances longevity. Price ranges from $39.95 to $89.95 and armed with a 6-month warranty for the outsoles.

7. New Balance Women’s WC696 Tennis Shoe

Featuring a leather and textile finish and rubber soles this pair has Abrozb cushioning which provides optimal protection and comfort fast players. Its Imeva midsole provide additional padding. It also has an interior lining to avoid injuries during swift game plays. It is also characterized by a breathable material that has mesh underlays and herringbone-textured outsoles perfect for tractions. Sells from $32.99 to $64.95.

6. Adidas Performance Women’s CC Rally Comp W Tennis Shoe

This pair for women has synthetic and mesh finish featuring all rubber soles and reinforced midsoles to allow for quick moves. These super lightweight shoes have Adiprene plus insert that gives players more support without worrying about injuries or missteps. Platform measures at 1” while the heels are at an approximate 1.25”. This tennis shoe pair sells from $44.99 to $99.00.

5. Alpine Swiss Men’s Ivan Suede Trim Retro Tennis Shoes

These mens’ tennis shoes are made of nylon and suede upper rubber soles and come only in full sizes. Men would love to wear this pair that is a lace-up low-top sneaker type that has ½” toe and a ¾” heel. It has a stylish nylon upper with a genuine suede + faux leather trim. Its outsoles have additional padding to provide more comfort. This pair sells at $29.99.

4. PUMA Men’s Smash Buck Icon Athletic Sneaker

This Puma tennis inspired shoe looks sporty and fresh complete with the well-known Puma stripes. This perfect for the neutral feet types and can be used for playing tennis and other active sports aside from dressing up in style during summer or spring break. Price for this pair is $49.99.

3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 6 Clay Court Tennis Shoe

This men’s tennis shoe pair is meant for clay courts and provides form-fitting comfort while offering support. It boasts of a synthetic leather and breathable mesh upper and has an extended Flexion Fit. It features forefoot and midfoot wraps for lateral movements, a tight fit that allows exceptional court-control and rearfoot and forefoot gel-cushion; two layers of memory foam along the collar and molds on the heels. This tension-relieving pair has a price tag of $114.99.

2. Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoes

This pair is made of synthetic-and-mesh and has a lightweight TPU foil bonded to the mesh for optimum breathability. These shoes are highly durable and own superior lateral stability when into side cutting movements. The abrasion-resistant ADITUFF wraps the toe and medial forefoot for protection against foot drags while serving, volley or extreme lateral actions. The ADIPRENE+ at the forefoot maintains efficiency and propulsion. This all-court outsoled pair of tennis rubbers is sold at $79.95.

1. New Balance Men’s MC996V2 Lightweight Tennis Shoe

This New Balance pair has synthetic materials and features Probank technology. It has rubber soles and a Revlite midsoles using Revlite midsole foam for total playing comfort. This specific model is known as non-marking tennis shoes done in mesh and made with Ndure overlays and Ndurance compound is built along its high-abrasion outsole areas. This air sells at $109.99.

With an excellent guide to selecting the right tennis shoes and a good list of items to choose from, you will never get lost in finding the right pair for your tennis games.




Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

December 16, 2015

Many leisure ping pong players can have a good game with only plain and basic paddles. However, those who wish to step up their game would have to look for a better design. This will allow them more power, accuracy, control and spin on the ball. With so many features and models to choose from, how do you know which is the best for you? Read on.

How to Choose a Ping Pong Paddle

The perfect ping pong paddle should be tailored to your style and design preference. Most professional table tennis players spend hundreds of dollars for a perfect rubber and blade. If you just want to level up your game, then you do not have a professional-grade ping pong paddle. You only need a high quality ping pong blade and rubber for a better game.

The rubber is the spongy texture that you feel on either one or both sides of the paddle. They should also be approved by the International Table Tennis Federation, an organization that oversees the rules and regulations, and seeks technological improvements for the sport. The double-sided version is best for casual ping pong players. Such paddles come with smooth rubber for greater control on the ball. This allows for easier placement of the ball. In addition, a stickier rubber will give you more spin.

The rubber’s thickness is a matter of personal preference. However, it should be noted that a thicker rubber will give you more speed, while the thinner one will allow you more control. The thickness of the rubber usually range from 1.8 to 2.1 mm.

Another component would be the blade. It has the same level of importance as the other parts, with the five-ply being the most commonly preferred. The blade’s thickness also matters when choosing the perfect ping pong paddle as it affects your performance. Thinner blades offer better control, while the thicker ones provide more power.

Here are some of the best ping pong paddles that you can consider:

Cornilleau Excell 3000


The Excell 3000 was designed to improve your shot response with accurate precision and greater stability. It features a five-ply wooden blade with carbon inserts to add stiffness to the paddle. Its ITTF-approved rubber, Performa 2, has a 2mm-thick covering beneath it. These features will ensure extra power to each shot, and improved topspin speed.

Another remarkable part of this paddle is its handle, which has two perforated circular channels. This will allow for better handling by pushing all your blade’s energy into the paddle head. With a perpendicularly-positioned fibers in every ply of the blade, this paddle can guarantee maximum control, and improved strength and speed.

Killerspin JET200


The Killerspin JET200, as the name suggests, gives players a killer spin on their ball. The paddle blade features a five-ply wood, a 1.8mm  sponge, and a 5.9mm-thick racket to allow for improved control and a powerful spin. This model was designed with enough grip to prepare the ball for a split-second impact, and bring it back to the opponent with precision and speed. This paddle is lightweight and aggressive. It is also affordable enough to let casual players feel their performance improve.

Butterfly 401 Shakehand


This paddle is made from its maker’s well-known high-grade wood. It is also layered in a 2.1mm sponge for better spin and control on the ball. The blade has been covered by the manufacturer’s Yuki rubber on both sides. Such feature will provide you a stickier texture for more power and spin.

Meanwhile, its handle is a bit shorter than the usual paddles. It might take some time for some ping pong players to get used to the length. You will want to take extra care on this paddle as the rubber could lose its sticky texture. Simply place the paddle in the provided cover after the ping pong game is over to keep it protected.

JOOLA Rosskopf Classic


The Rosskopf Classic uses a five-ply wooden blade with a 2mm soft sponge and a flared handle laid under its ITTF-approved invested rubber. Called the 4 You, this rubber takes offense seriously with its smooth and sticky texture, and inverted pips for improved shot speed and ball spin.

This paddle may seem heavier than the other models on this list, but its features allow for better control. You will notice the difference after playing a few ping pong games. The Rosskopf Classic, even with a steep price tag of around $100, is a perfect choice for ping pong players who want to take the next level in ping pong.

STIGA Pure Color Advance


The Pure Color advance is one of the best options for beginner and intermediate ping pong players. It is equpped with a five-ply blade, a 3 Star rubber, and a concave handle. The paddle’s rubber offers elevated control and strong spin on the ball.

With STIGA’s ACS technology, the rubber is made from various microscopic air capsules, making it lightweight and elastic enough for improved control. The Crystal technology used on this ping pong paddle offers a hardened blade surface for improved velocity and speed. Combined with better control and precision, the Pure Color advance will surely give you an accurate placement for your shot.

Assemblying Your New Ping Pong Paddle

Assemblying your new ping pong paddle is fairly easy. You only need to spread a decent amount of glue thinly and evenly across the rubber and blade. Allow them to dry enough to provide a gooey feel, and then press down the rubber on the blade using a round object like a bottle or roller. This will ensure a good adhesion, but make sure to trim the excess rubber.

Those rubbers will lose their control and spin after some time. This is why it is highly recommended to have them replaced every 60 hours of play time. Doing so will allow you to maintain and improve your performance.

The Best Ping Pong Paddle Improves Your Performance

It is important to level up your game by purchasing the right ping pong paddle. You need to assess your goals in order to determine the right specs for your game. Remember that a ping pong paddle should help you develop the correct strokes, as well as your speed and power.