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Top 10 Best Kettlebells

February 18, 2016

Kettlebells have become extremely popular these days among fitness enthusiasts, especially those who do Crossfit. This fitness equipment is a great tool for improving muscle strength, with emphasis on the lower back, legs, core, and shoulders. It ranks alongside the barbell and dumbbell. Below are some of the best brands available on the market today:

Rogue Kettlebells

Rogue Kettlebells are exclusively sold in pounds. They are the only brand that does so in this list, since all brands here are sold in kilograms. Rogue Kettlebells come in black powder coating, with a colored stripe around the handle base for better weight identification. The coat also holds the chalk fairly well.

The manufacturer uses superior quality ore, instead of scraps, resulting in a smooth and seamless surface. Rogue Kettlebells are one-piece castings with a flat and wide base. They come in 17 different weights or sizes, from 9 to 203 pounds.

GoFit Kettlebells

Anybody who wants a great Kettlebell workout will not be disappointed with this brand. The GoFit Kettlebell comes in various colors, including yellow, purple, orange, red, green, blue, and black. This fitness equipment, however, is not for the hardcore weight lifter.

It was designed for home-based fitness, so busy people can do strength training at the comfort of their own home. It is also the perfect choice for weightlifting beginners who want to become acclimated to kettlebells as part of their workout regimen. If you are new to this type of exercise equipment, then the GoFit Kettlebell could be your best option.

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Ader Kettlebells

The Ader Kettlebell is also one of the most popular brands out there. The weights are measured in kilograms. The only thing that you need to note is that the Ader Kettlebell has less weight options than the other brands on this list.

Other notable features include the easy-grip handles that are decent in size, as well as the appropriately-sized pad on the bottom. You can easily identify the weight on the kettlebell, since it is immediately seen on the front. If you are a beginner kettlebell user who has been searching for a reasonably-priced and durable model, then this could be for you.

Ader Pro Grade Kettlebells

These competition-grade kettlebells all come with the same size for both the handles and the casting, and regardless of the weight. The bare steel handles are 33 millimeters in diameter. You can easily determine the weight through the colors, saving you time and effort during your workout session.

All pro-level Ader kettlebells look really nice and more expensive. Beginners may not opt to purchase these kettlebells. However, if you love the color options and you have the budget, then go for it. It should also be noted that the shipment is free if you buy in sets.

OFW Premium Kettlebells

The OFW Premium Kettlebells come with a nice hammertone finish to make them free from flashing and imperfections. They also hold the chalk well, without any seam around the handle. The base has a huge flat bottom that you usually see on most kettlebells. The thick handles are perfect for both one- and two-hand movements. Best of all, the weight is guaranteed accurate and orders are shipped for free. Even if their prices are comparable to Rogue, the free shipping offer gives OFW Premium Kettlebells an edge in the competition.

Vulcan Absolute Kettlebells

Vulcan decided to place its time and efforts into improving the quality of its kettlebells, instead of joining the price war. The Vulcan Absolute Kettlebells are surely value for money, but they are not ideal for beginners and tight-budgeted fitness enthusiasts. These kettlebells cost double the price of the Rogue kettlebells.

The Absolute models are made of high quality steel. Vulcan guarantees that these kettlebells will not dent or crack, and will not easily chip like the painted ones. They also do not contain toxic chemicals, which are commonly used in powder coating or fillers. Best of all, the Vulcan website offers detailed information about these kettlebells.

Thompson Fatbells

The Thompson Fatbells are the brain-child of the famous powerlifter, Donnie Thompson. They are a new entry in the market, but have instantly become a hit. They are called Fatbells, instead of kettlebells, because the handle is moved into the bell to balance the whole unit.

Thompson explained that the fatbell’s design offers a perfect geometric shape that will help you achieve optimal performance. This is because the fatbells let your hand and the bell move as one. The design also allows for improved efficiency and balance as you press or swing, while reducing the risk of common kettlebell injuries.

RKC Kettlebells

Dragon Door’s RKC Kettlebell is its most popular set, and is ideal for gym goers. These kettlebells are made of cast iron core and come with a metallic finish. They also feature smooth grips to help fitness enthusiasts perform advanced movements with ease. The weights of RKC Kettlebells range from 10 to 70 pounds, and prices start at $10.

Rogue Competition Kettlebells

The Rogue Competition Kettlebells are the brand’s professional-level line. They are available from 8 to 48 kilograms. All weights, however, share the same base diameter of 5 ½ inches, a handle diameter of 33 millimeters, and a height of 11.1 inches. Such size allows for smooth transitions.

Each kettlebell features a smooth surface and a matte black powder coating, as well as four contoured flats to reduce discomfort and friction during movements. You will also see a color-coded band around the handle for easier weight identification. The weight is also indicated both in kilograms and pounds on the backside of the kettlebell.

Valery Federenko Kettlebells

The Valery Federenko kettlebells have one of the best designs. The surface holds the chalk very well for competition use, while the handle provides ample grip. This brand is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who do cleans. The kettlebells were designed for competition use, and have received excellent reviews for their chalk hold and grip.

These are the top 10 best kettlebells that you should consider. Compare each of the brands or models, and their features to help you determine which will best suit your weight lifting needs.

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Best Shoes for Weight Lifting

January 22, 2016

The best shoes for achieving fitness.

It seem counter intuitive—after all, you’re lifting to strengthen your upper body—but proper footwear is crucial to successful weight lifting. Your feet are your primary connection to the stabilizing force of the ground. During weight lifting the pressure travels through your whole body, not just the arms you’re trying to sculpt.

The wrong shoes will mean you feel a lot of force that’s actually intended for the bar, whereas a great pair of shoes can actually help you manipulate the force and use it to your advantage. High quality shoes can help you work out longer and enjoy your work out more.

But it isn’t all about spending top dollar. A pair of expensive brand name shoes is almost always better than your standard department store shoes but the most important thing is how the shoe actually fits on your foot, not what company made it.

  1. Pendlay Do-Win

Founded by Olympic weightlifter Glenn Pendlay, Pendlay focuses exclusively on the sport of weightlifting. The Do-Win shoes are perhaps their crowning achievement. The three-quarter-inch heel is actually set at the height recommended for Olympic lifting. Inside the shoes are heavily cushioned to absorb the intense impact of heavy weightlifting. These shoes are also quite light, making them ideal for long days of working out.

The Pendlay Do-Win comes in different styles for men and women and can be purchased in a few different colours.

  1. Nike Romaleo 2.0

Designed for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Nike Romaleo 2.0 is Nike’s flagship weightlifting design. The three-quarter-inch heel is designed to form around your foot so it’s snug but comfortable even for people with wider feet. These shoes also offer great breathability so your feet will stay happy and healthy.

Of course, they also look classy as you might expect from a widely loved company like Nike. You can purchase your own pair of Nike Romaleos in black, red or green.

  1. Adidas Performance AdiPower

Adidas was the first big company making shoes specifically for weight lifting and they have continued to make some of the best shoes in this niche. The Adidas Performance AdiPower shoes are currently the top selling weight loss shoes despite promising new contenders. These shoes come with a three-quarter-inch heel and a sleek design that makes them stand out from other weightlifting shoes. You’ll also love how durable these shoes are, even if you’re regularly doing Olympic-level workouts.

You can purchase these shoes in red and black or black and white.

  1. Reebok Crossfit Lifter 2.0

If you prefer to use a crossfit trainer than a regular set of barbells you will love these shoes. Reebok has long been a respected brand for running shoes and in recent years they’ve expanded their repertoire to include some impressive weightlifting shoes. These shoes feature a flexible forefoot sole which makes it easy to perform a wider range of movements. You’ll also love how light these shoes are compared to other weightlifting shoes.

The Reebok Crossfit Lifter 2.0 comes in a variety of colours and designs.

  1. Inov-8 Fastlift 335

Inov-8 has long been a popular shoe company for runners and with good reason. Now they’ve expanded into the realm of weight lifting shoes and are making quite a splash, especially among crossfit trainers. These stylish workout shoes come with a much more flexible forefoot sole to enable a wider range of movements than most weight lifting shoes but still feature the raised padded heel weight lifters need to get through long workouts.

These lovely shoes come in black, green, yellow and grey.

  1. Amber Crossmaxxe V1.0

Amber is another popular company known for their high quality sports gear that has recently broken into the world of weightlifting shoes. Their Crossmaxxe V1.0 uses lightweight materials and a somewhat flexible forefoot sole to make these shoes great for both bar training and crossfit training. They might not be as elegant as some of the other shoes on this list but you can get them for an excellent price and they’ll still survive many workouts.

The Amber Crossmaxxe V1.0 is currently only available for sale in white, but this shouldn’t be an issue if you’re just looking for a high quality weight lifting shoe you won’t break the bank on.

Always remember that the best way to choose a new pair of shoes is to try them on and walk around in them or even jump around a little bit to figure out how they feel on your feet.

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