Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

December 16, 2015

Many leisure ping pong players can have a good game with only plain and basic paddles. However, those who wish to step up their game would have to look for a better design. This will allow them more power, accuracy, control and spin on the ball. With so many features and models to choose from, how do you know which is the best for you? Read on.

How to Choose a Ping Pong Paddle

The perfect ping pong paddle should be tailored to your style and design preference. Most professional table tennis players spend hundreds of dollars for a perfect rubber and blade. If you just want to level up your game, then you do not have a professional-grade ping pong paddle. You only need a high quality ping pong blade and rubber for a better game.

The rubber is the spongy texture that you feel on either one or both sides of the paddle. They should also be approved by the International Table Tennis Federation, an organization that oversees the rules and regulations, and seeks technological improvements for the sport. The double-sided version is best for casual ping pong players. Such paddles come with smooth rubber for greater control on the ball. This allows for easier placement of the ball. In addition, a stickier rubber will give you more spin.

The rubber’s thickness is a matter of personal preference. However, it should be noted that a thicker rubber will give you more speed, while the thinner one will allow you more control. The thickness of the rubber usually range from 1.8 to 2.1 mm.

Another component would be the blade. It has the same level of importance as the other parts, with the five-ply being the most commonly preferred. The blade’s thickness also matters when choosing the perfect ping pong paddle as it affects your performance. Thinner blades offer better control, while the thicker ones provide more power.

Here are some of the best ping pong paddles that you can consider:

Cornilleau Excell 3000


The Excell 3000 was designed to improve your shot response with accurate precision and greater stability. It features a five-ply wooden blade with carbon inserts to add stiffness to the paddle. Its ITTF-approved rubber, Performa 2, has a 2mm-thick covering beneath it. These features will ensure extra power to each shot, and improved topspin speed.

Another remarkable part of this paddle is its handle, which has two perforated circular channels. This will allow for better handling by pushing all your blade’s energy into the paddle head. With a perpendicularly-positioned fibers in every ply of the blade, this paddle can guarantee maximum control, and improved strength and speed.

Killerspin JET200


The Killerspin JET200, as the name suggests, gives players a killer spin on their ball. The paddle blade features a five-ply wood, a 1.8mm  sponge, and a 5.9mm-thick racket to allow for improved control and a powerful spin. This model was designed with enough grip to prepare the ball for a split-second impact, and bring it back to the opponent with precision and speed. This paddle is lightweight and aggressive. It is also affordable enough to let casual players feel their performance improve.

Butterfly 401 Shakehand


This paddle is made from its maker’s well-known high-grade wood. It is also layered in a 2.1mm sponge for better spin and control on the ball. The blade has been covered by the manufacturer’s Yuki rubber on both sides. Such feature will provide you a stickier texture for more power and spin.

Meanwhile, its handle is a bit shorter than the usual paddles. It might take some time for some ping pong players to get used to the length. You will want to take extra care on this paddle as the rubber could lose its sticky texture. Simply place the paddle in the provided cover after the ping pong game is over to keep it protected.

JOOLA Rosskopf Classic


The Rosskopf Classic uses a five-ply wooden blade with a 2mm soft sponge and a flared handle laid under its ITTF-approved invested rubber. Called the 4 You, this rubber takes offense seriously with its smooth and sticky texture, and inverted pips for improved shot speed and ball spin.

This paddle may seem heavier than the other models on this list, but its features allow for better control. You will notice the difference after playing a few ping pong games. The Rosskopf Classic, even with a steep price tag of around $100, is a perfect choice for ping pong players who want to take the next level in ping pong.

STIGA Pure Color Advance


The Pure Color advance is one of the best options for beginner and intermediate ping pong players. It is equpped with a five-ply blade, a 3 Star rubber, and a concave handle. The paddle’s rubber offers elevated control and strong spin on the ball.

With STIGA’s ACS technology, the rubber is made from various microscopic air capsules, making it lightweight and elastic enough for improved control. The Crystal technology used on this ping pong paddle offers a hardened blade surface for improved velocity and speed. Combined with better control and precision, the Pure Color advance will surely give you an accurate placement for your shot.

Assemblying Your New Ping Pong Paddle

Assemblying your new ping pong paddle is fairly easy. You only need to spread a decent amount of glue thinly and evenly across the rubber and blade. Allow them to dry enough to provide a gooey feel, and then press down the rubber on the blade using a round object like a bottle or roller. This will ensure a good adhesion, but make sure to trim the excess rubber.

Those rubbers will lose their control and spin after some time. This is why it is highly recommended to have them replaced every 60 hours of play time. Doing so will allow you to maintain and improve your performance.

The Best Ping Pong Paddle Improves Your Performance

It is important to level up your game by purchasing the right ping pong paddle. You need to assess your goals in order to determine the right specs for your game. Remember that a ping pong paddle should help you develop the correct strokes, as well as your speed and power.

Best Exercise Bike Reviews

Biking is an effective cardiovascular exercise that helps you develop strong lungs and heart. Riding exercise bike does not only improve your cardiovascular, but also help increase endurance and muscle strength and efficient in burning calories. In fact, exercise bikes are more affordable than a yearly gym membership.

Why Exercise Bike?

Why choose an exercise bike over a treadmill or some cardio machine? Are the benefits the same or different? Honestly, you get the same benefits provided that the similar level of intensity is obtained.  Treadmill lets you burn 100 calories in a mile while in a stationary bike, you can burn 325-1100 calories per hour depending on your pace.

Stationary bikes are the perfect choice in terms of joint health and comfort. Studies demonstrate again and again that exercise bike is a joint-friendly equipment.

Steppers and treadmills are a bit difficult to operate. It requires extreme balance and machines can pose risks like injury. With exercise bikes, you have low chance of injuring yourself and you can do more movements.

Exercise bikes are efficient whether you are toning muscles, losing weight or keeping body fit and healthy.

What are the Types of Exercise Bikes?

There are three different types of exercise bike – spinner, upright or recumbent. What model to use? It all depends on your preference.


Sometimes, spinner models are perceived as upright bikes. This is wrong. You can tell a spinner bike from other models through handlebars. Handlebars can be pushed forward so user can bend over as he/she rides. It increases the intensity and provides different seating positions.


Recumbent exercise bikes are famous ten years ago. Perfect for seniors, this type of bike has a chair like the standard chair. Reclined slightly back, the rider feels little pressure on ankles and knees. The handlebars are either adjustable or not.


Upright exercise bike is like other normal bike. It has smaller seat and handles. This type allows you to bike in upright position which puts pressure on lower part of the body.

Some may think recumbent model is easier because of its reclined feature, but it is no different to upright model. However, recumbent bike is ideal for older people because it does not put much pressure on the knees.

All types have their own benefits. It is still your decision which is better depending on your age, weight and goal.

Choosing the Right Exercise Bike for your Needs

What bike to choose? This is the question you must answer before purchasing one. Every bike has its own advantages and disadvantages, but knowing a bit of information about them enables you to choose the perfect bike for you.


A recumbent or normal model is advisable. If you are a senior citizen, then clearly the recumbent model is your choice. If you are a young adult or adult, then it is up to you. Many people prefer upright models because of the upright position it gives.

The Program

The computer in your bike and LCD screen provide programs that are accurate and user-friendly. Expensive models permit you to modify program settings that can be used for pre-set workouts.

Resistance Levels

Resistance levels enable you to grow and challenge your muscles. Take your workout routines to the highest levels and achieve a toned body. If you aim to improve your cardiovascular, then resistance levels are no problem.


If you are living in an apartment with limited space, then you have to consider the size of your exercise bike. If this is the issue, then you might consider a folding exercise bike.

Weight Limit

Although weight limit can be adjusted, it does not mean problems won’t surface. Before you buy, make sure your body weight is in weight limit.


This is an important factor in purchasing an item. The prices range from less to more than hundred pounds. Expensive models have advanced functionality and designed for commercial use.

Before purchasing a model, you should read several reviews. Reviewers let buyers know the pros and cons of one particular model. Make it a habit to read reviews before purchasing. Several issues, like damaged engine, can be prevented in the future.

Why Exercise Bikes are Beneficial?

An exercise bike give you the benefit of biking in place. You can watch your favourite show, listen to music while you ride as fast or as slow as you can. You can bike anytime, rain or shine.

Exercise bikes help you:

  • Tone your muscles. Intense workout sessions can help tone your muscles. Higher resistance level or pedalling fast can help you achieve it. Aside from quadriceps, calves and glutes become more developed. Upper body can also become toned with handlebars.
  • Increase energy. One study shows that biking can boost energy levels by 20%. Moreover, biking triggers the release of dopamine from the brain which reduces fatigue by 65%.
  • Burn calories. As mentioned, biking is a cardiovascular activity which is well-known to efficiently burn calories. You can burn 500 calories per hour in just one session of exercise bike.
  • Increase intensity as a rider. Fast pedalling provides great results. If you are a rider, you can push your intensity further with an exercise bike.
  • Reduce injury risk. Biking is joint-friendly. Old people will absolutely benefit from exercise bike as it does not put pressure on joints, hips and knees.
  • Develop your cardiovascular. Intense sessions pump more blood into your heart which causes your lungs to expand. Biking three hours per week can reduce risk of cholesterol and blood pressure goes down. Blood sugar is also regulated.

Whether your goal is to lose those unnecessary fats or remain health and fit, then the right exercise bike will help you.

Top Exercise Bike Models in the Market

We R Sports Aerobic Training Cycle


A spinner exercise bike with a price tag of £160. It is complete with state-of-the-art features and comes in sleek design for limited space. It has resistance system, adjustable handlebars, aluminium pedals and 13KG wheels. You can easily adjust the seat vertically and horizontally. It is complete with LCD monitor to display tome, calories burned, speed, scan and time. An average-priced We R Sports exercise bike that is equipped with advanced features.

F-Bike Exercise Bike


A cheaper exercise but fairly rated by over 600 actual buyers. With 4.5 star rating, this should be on your list. The ideal bike for beginners. An easy-to-fold bike for limited space and equipped with 8-level resistance to develop muscles. It has 5KG flywheel and weight limit is up to 100KG. Like other exercise bike, LCD monitor to display the usual statistics – calories, time, distance, pulse and speed.

With £90 price tag, it is a fairly-priced exercise bike.

SB300 Diamond Exercise Bike


This is on top of our list. SB300 Diamond gives the brilliant workout but it is the most expensive among the three. But it is worth it? Yes!

It has emergency stop, an adjustable seat, easy tension control, made from steel frame and 18KG cast iron flywheel. It has weight limit of 120KG. Although this bike has no monitor, it is excellent in every aspect. If you are a rider who aim to develop your skills or want a machine that will last for years, then this is the most suitable model.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike


It is complete with Schwinn Connect that displays figures and data that lets you easily track your fitness goals. It has 2 LCD window system that lets you see thirteen display feedbacks. Toned those muscles with 25-level resistance and high speed flywheel to achieve a quiet and smooth workout. With a price tag of £321.99, a fair price for a 4.2-star-rating exercise bike.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike


A space-saver! A foldable exercise bike for easy storage and transport. Sit comfortably on its large adjustable seat cushion and burn those calories. This bike can hold weight up to 300lbs. With 8-level tension resistance, you can modify the intensity of your workout. The bike includes heart pulse system to watch your pulse while you sweat it out. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike has a price tag of £96.93 and a rating of 4.5 star.

Even though you jog or walk in the morning, stationary bike is a complimentary exercise to lose those fats or tone those muscles in no time. Avoid straining your body and let it receive a good and healthy workout with exercise bike. A low-maintenance and user-friendly machine that keeps the body fit without the hassle of stepping outdoors. Whatever your shape is, an exercise bike can help improve your overall health in the comfort of your home.

I hope this review helps you in numerous way on how to choose the right exercise bike. Bear in mind the first step in finding the right one is by determining your fitness goals and your current weight. Price, size and brands come after. As mentioned, read reviews before purchasing the model you like. Although some may look promising, you have to consider what actual buyers say about it to know if it is worth it.

Softball Bat Reviews

November 4, 2015

Softball is one of the most popular sports in the country. Some people do it for fun while others are serious competitors. No matter which type of player you are, choosing the right bat for your needs is important but can also be a challenge. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right softball bat and there are two basic types of bats to consider for your specific needs. Here you will find the best softball bat reviews. Four will cover slow pitch bats and four will cover fast pitch bats.

Slow Pitch Softball Bat Reviews

Louisville Z 3000


This new 2016 model slow pitch bat is considered to be the number one slow pitch bat on the market. This does not come as a surprise as Louisville bats in general have always been at the top of the list. The Louisville Z 3000 design is revolutionary. The technology is known as TRU3 and contains an inside disc (the Swing 1) which helps with control and delivers hits that are beyond powerful. Its material is Pure 60 Composite providing the player with an excellent pop without having to break it in. The barrel is 12 inches and is loved by power hitters everywhere.

Miken Izzy Psycho Supermax


While Psycho may be an off-putting name for a bat (or anything else for that matter) but ignore the name and you will get an excellent softball bat! This is the bat that is the same model used by the great Jeremy Isenhower. He is one of the very best softball players today so clearly this bat is an excellent choice. With a 14.5 inch barrel and a weight of only 26 ounces, this lightweight bat is perfect for control and handling. The end is loaded with an ounce of load in the end for the max amount of power. It is made of 100 composite containing carbons that are aerospace grade. The Miken delivers an amazing pop, a big sweet spot and excellent durability. The bottom line is that this is a cutting edge bat that is best for skilled players, not beginners.

Demarini SF7


This model of bat is perfect for all levels of playing skill. This bat has been a bestseller since it arrived on the scene this year (2015) due to its unique ability is to make all hitters happy, from those looking for great hitting balance to those searching for the perfect end load swing. For you power hitters, this bat features the X10 double walled barrel that is fantastic for power hits due to the strength and big sweet spot. It also provides you with an increased amount of durability for the strongest players. Heavy hitters love the velocity of the swing! The handle is a composite C6 that allows for the most flexible swing. The handle is the thrasher grip so it is comfortable to hold which is always good.

Demarini One


Finally we have the Demarini One slow pitch bat. This model boasts a composite barrel that is considered to be the stiffest one available and this is part of its popularity. The alloy is also the strongest of its kind and these things combined allow for each hit to be a bomb! Using this bat helps to optimize performance. The only possible downside is that it has to be broken in before you can get the full effect of use.

Fast Pitch Softball Bat Reviews

Louisville Xeno Plus


This is a great looking bat that is more than just an attractive piece of equipment! (Although if your favorite color combo is purple and black than this is the bat for you!) In addition to looking amazing, this bat uses SI iD technological advances that help you reconcile your speed with a balanced swing making it a double threat. There is no period of break in necessary and colleges and high schools across the country use this bat more than any others.

Easton Mako


This fast pitch softball bat is at the top of the list for softball lovers. This bat has a very large sweet spot area that provides players with an incredible amount of swing power that other bats only wish they had! Reaching this level of awesomeness was not an easy task but it was reached by way of the thermo composite material used to design this fantastic piece of sporting equipment. In addition, technology known as ConneXion seriously reduces vibration to help keep away any swings that would otherwise be awkward. If you are looking for a bat that has it all, this is about as close as you will be able to get.

Demarini CF8


This model actually puts the feeling of awesome power right in your hands. The barrel is a 2.5 and is made with composite material called Paradox. This material gives you stability and strength behind each swing. It is so lightweight that it fits and feels perfect in your hand. This model makes use of the very latest technologies that help to maximize your swing power and cutting down on vibration. You can also get the Demarini CF8 Hope that comes in breast cancer awareness colors to help show your support of the cancer survivors in your life. No matter which model you choose to go with, you will be sure to love the sound the ball makes when it connects with your swing!

Demarini CF8 Insane


It would be INSANE not to at least consider this fast pitch softball bat! It is much like the Demarini CF8 with some extra added perks that make it a better/different choice than the original model. The biggest difference between the two however, is that the end is more heavily loaded in this model. This one is also a drop 9 while the regular CF8 is a 10. Paradox composite is also used in this model giving in amazing strength and little to no time break. The handle, which is a D fusion, is fantastic when it comes to vibration control and the grip fits well in any hand for the ultimate play comfort.

When shopping around for the perfect bat for you, be sure to consider one of these top 8 choices for the best purchase outcome!

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Best Youth Baseball Bats

November 4, 2015

As parents, we are never more competitive than when our kid in the spotlight. All that you want is for them to step up to the plate and crank one so far that the league will demand a drug test. You can work with your child every day and develop batting muscles, practice technique, and even go as far as using weight to increase strength. The problem is, they are missing a vital competitive edge. They need a bat that is going to flaunt their power, not limit it. That is why we have stacked this heavy hitting list of the three best youth baseball bats that fit your desire.

What to look for in a youth baseball bat

Before you dig into our reviews, it is good to know some of the things to keep in mind when purchasing a baseball bat for your kid. Make sure it is legal for play, this can be determined by the 1.15BPF (Bat Performance Factor) mark on the bat. This will ensure weight, length, material, size and knob are up to standards. Also, take a look at the relation between your child’s height and the length of the bat. Lastly, the ‘drop’, or relation between weight and length, is also an important factor in determining which bat suits your young Babe Ruth the best.

DeMarini 2014 CF6

Image Courtesy:

Image Source:

If you have seen this bat before, it was probably in the hands of youngster whose family is maybe too competitive. That should not stop YOU from getting it though. This baseball smasher has a 2 piece D-fusion handle that gives the perfect feel and allows complete control at the barrel. It is perfectly balanced, responsive, and powerful from tip to tip. Its weight was scientifically optimized for your little slugger with one purpose in mind. Knocking the stitches out the ball. Here is what other parents had to say.

“This bat is an excellent top of the line bat. On par with the Easton Mako and XL1. In fact it is the best of both worlds in that it has more balance like the Mako but power like the XL1..”

“This bat is amazing. Its super light weight but has a huge punch. When my son walked up to the plate for the second time with his new bat, he smashed it way over the outfielder’s head and nearly went over the fence. YOU MUST GET THIS BAT!!!”

Easton YB14S500

Image Source.

Easton is known for creating quality, affordable youth baseball bats. So it is no surprise that they made our list. They come in customizable and well researched sizes that allow your child to extract maximum energy from every swing. It’s weight to length ratio is flawless providing comfort and the perfect power transfer. This is the bat that you’ll see at every baseball game you attend. This model in particular is geared towards the 7-9 year old group and has been driving balls farther for several years now. Let’s look at what some enthusiastic moms and dads just like you are saying.

“Excellent bat for my 8 year old son playing coach pitch baseball. Very good balance & the best length to weight ratio. He loves the bat! The extra length is helping him get to those outside pitches and he hasn’t sacrificed too much bat speed (if any) in going up another 1 oz in weight from his previous bat. It will take him a few weeks to get totally acclimated, but I have already noticed an increase in the distance & speed he is hitting the ball.”

“Awesome bat. My 9 yr old son hit a Homerun in practice on the first pitch I gave him. This is the bat he always uses now for little league.”

Louisville Slugger Fastpitch Xeno


Image Source:

Image Source:

Louisville Slugger has been known for a long time as the elite in baseball bats. There is no exception here because this bat CRUSHES balls. This baby does not come cheap, but if you want your kid to smash balls out of the park like Benny from The Sandlot, make the investment. It features iST Technology to complete the handle stiffness and connection. This makes the bat’s sweet spot HUGE and provides a lot of room for a solid hit. The barrel is designed forgivingly and flexible to give bigger ‘pops’ and an extreme transfer of energy. One hit from this thing and your kid will never want to use another bat again. If this was not convincing enough, other competitive parents and coaches are here to back us up.

“Let me tell you, this bat has changed the minds of all of my players. They were all DeMarini lovers until i brought this bat to practice and they all hit the ball better and hit it further. I will never buy another bat.”

“My daughter plays 12u fast pitch and was hitting the ball hard with her DeMarini but wasn’t quite getting the distance I thought she was capable of. First practice with this bat and WOW, what a difference. Sweet spot seems to cover the length of the barrel with one exceptionally hot spot right above the anti vibration ring. Even though it states -11 feels very solid, seems a tad heavier than advertised.”

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest parents, we really just want ours kids to hit the ball farther. That is what all three of these bats accomplish. Of course, there are different levels and more age appropriate bats. For 7-9 little league players we recommend sticking with the Easton. As your child grows out of the Easton, upgrade to the DeMarini. When you are ready to see the what your kid is really made of, snatch up the Xeno. These are by far the best youth baseball bats for the age groups and even the coaches agree. Put some power in your slugger’s hands and watch them send one sailing. You will be the proudest and loudest fan in the stands.

Best Baseball Bats

October 30, 2015

A good baseball bat might be expensive but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment for the consistent baseball player. But an expensive price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a baseball bat is actually high quality. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the very best baseball bats currently available.

Remember, these reviews are based on our opinions. Everybody has a different play style, so make sure you know the ideal type of bat for your play style before you actually start making purchases.

Demarini Voodoo

Demarini Voodoo

Image Source:

One of the most popular choices available through all of 2014, this is definitely still one of the best bats available in 2015. Its shell is built out of X12 alloy, an incredibly tough material new to Demarini bats. The handle is also reinforced to provide extra strength while still giving its user the feeling of a light swing. The reinforced handle combined with what Demarini calls “half and half” technology drastically reduce the impact you feel when your bat connects in the wrong spot.

The Demarini Voodoo comes in a variety of sizes: 30 in/27 oz, 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 32.5 in/29.5 oz, 33 in/30 oz, 33.5 in/30.5 oz, and 34 in/31 oz.

If you’re looking for a light swing that still produces some truly impressive hits the Demarini Voodoo is an excellent choice. The new bat can go for up to $330, so you might want to purchase a used model if possible. Even if you have to purchase it for the full price, the Voodoo is a worthwhile investment for somebody committed to the game.

Easton XL1

Easton XL1

Image Source:

This is the top choice if your main requirement for a bat is an intense level of power behind your swing. The longer barrel and 100% composite body give this bat all the power it needs to knock the ball out of the park. The XL1 also happens to be heavily end loaded, giving your swing even more power. It’s also one of the most durable bats currently available on the market.

The Easton XL1 is available in a few different sizes:  31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 33 in/30 oz, and 34 in/31 oz.

A bat like the Easton XL1 is truly ideal for the biggest, strongest baseball players. Swinging a bat this heavy with the amount of control needed to hit a pitch in the right direction takes quite a lot of strength. And this is another bat you want to try to find used, with new models being sold for almost $400.

Demarini CF7 BBCOR

Demarini CF7 BBCOR

Image Source:

One of the best baseball bat companies, Demarini has really outdone themselves with this bat. The body is build using a Demarini-unique technology called Power+Plus composite, a composite that blends fibers together in the ideal configuration for lightweight strength. Very few bats provide the same level of power without weighing noticeably more.

The CF7 also features a “D-Fusion Handle” which is specially built to reduce vibrations almost entirely. This allows you to play with more confidence because you’re never bracing for impact. The bottom of the handle also features the Really Cool Knob, a typical Demarini feature, which makes it easy for you to keep your hands on the bat at all times.

You can purchase the Demarini CF7 in the following sizes: 30 in/27 oz, 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 33 in/30 oz, and 34 in/31 oz.

The CF7 is ideal for the committed player who loves a light weight bat but doesn’t want to sacrifice much power. Make sure you do some shopping around as the price of this bat varies greatly depending on where you purchase it.

Easton S400

Easton S400

Image Source:

The Easton S400 is one of the best value bats you can purchase, the only one on this list typically sold for less than $100. It features a 7046 alloy, usually found in much more expensive bats. This bat provides a high swing speed while still meeting BBCOR standards thanks to carefully placed weights along the barrel. It also has a highly cushioned grip to make you more comfortable while you play.

You can purchase this bat in the following sizes: 29 in/26 oz, 30 in/27 oz, 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 33 in/30 oz, 34 in/31 oz, and 35 in/32 oz.

This bat is an excellent choice for the new player purchasing their first bat or a recreational player looking to replace an old one. The bat is typically sold for around $60, making it an incredible deal.

Rip-It AIR

Rip-It AIR

Image Source:

The Rip-It AIR uses a new R2 alloy featuring “Rifle Barrel” technology to provide one of the lightest swings you’ll ever experience with a BBCOR bat. This makes it perfect for smaller players and gives it an incredibly fast swing. The handle grip is specially designed to reduce the amount of vibrations you’ll feel and give you more control over the bat during your swing. It also features a sturdy one-piece design, making it far more durable than many other BBCOR bats. While there are some advantages to two-piece designs, most players prefer one-piece bats.

The Rip-It AIR can be purchased in the following sizes: 29 in/26 oz, 30 in/27 oz, 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 33 in/30 oz, 34 in/31 oz, and 35 in/32 oz.

If you’re looking for an incredibly light bat that will last you for a very long time, the Rip-It AIR is one of the best choices you can make. The price of this bat varies and it can cost quite a lot, so try to see if you can find a used one.

Always try to test out a new bat before you purchase it, whether you’re testing a friend’s bat or asking for an area to test it in your local sports store. A high quality baseball bat is a big investment and the very best bats can last for the rest of your baseball playing career, so make sure you’re getting the right bat the first time.

Best Youth Baseball Glove

October 30, 2015

The right baseball glove might not matter so much to the casual player but it makes a big difference for the serious player. If your kid is on a team and really loves baseball you want to get them the best glove possible, but the highest price tag doesn’t always mean the highest quality. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best baseball gloves for youth.

If you’re considering buying your kid a baseball glove check out these options:

Rawlings Gold Glove Gamer

Rawlings Gold Glove Gamer

Image Courtesy:

Typically considered the very best glove for young players, the Rawlings Gold Glove Gamer features a unique Trap-Eze pattern where the webbing is connected to the main glove instead of to its own part. This gives the glove extra strength for catching well. The Rawlings Gold Glove Gamer also features lower finger stalls, providing the player with a higher level of comfort and more control over the glove’s movements.

Unlike many other baseball gloves for youth this particular glove features almost exclusively pro-grade leather, giving the glove more durability and making it far easier to break this glove in than many of its competitors. This means your kid can start playing more confidently at the game almost right away.

This is definitely one of the more expensive gloves around, typically costing around $120, but it is a worthwhile investment if your kid is a serious baseball player. They will love this glove and gain so much confidence from the extra control it lends them.

Mizuno GPL1154 Prospect Series

Mizuno GPL1154 Prospect Series

Image Courtesy:

This series features many of the advanced features that allow pros to trap and catch the ball more easily. Mizuno’s patented Power-Flex technology actually features hinges on the glove that make it far easier to close around the ball. ParaShock Palm Padding will protect your kid’s hands, a crucial feature for older kids who are catching much faster balls. This particular glove has a Tartan webbing to help players catch the ball more effectively.

The Mizuno GPL1154 also features an adjustable wrist strap so you can make sure the glove is nice and snug on your kid’s hand. A glove that doesn’t fit properly or isn’t secured properly will make it difficult to catch the ball properly and therefore increase the risk of injury, not to mention be incredibly uncomfortable. This wrist strap adjusts to fit a wide range of hand sizes.

Typically sold for $40-60, the Mizuno GPL1154 is an incredible deal. This glove is ideal for players of all ages and skill levels as the built-in features make it much easier for them to learn specific techniques used by the pros. The adjustable wrist strap also makes it excellent for youth as this generally means they’ll be able to keep it far longer than they could keep another glove.

Louisville Slugger Omaha Select

Louisville Slugger Omaha Select

Image Courtesy:

Everybody’s heard of the Louisville Slugger brand, but did you know they make some of the best baseball gloves around? The Omaha Select is the perfect youth sized glove for players who want to get into competitive baseball.

Made of well oiled cowhide leather, this glove is clearly superior quality. The high quality leather makes it noticeably more comfortable and almost completely weatherproof, perfect for the player who always stays out in the rain. Bruise guard padding will protect your kid’s hands as their pitchers grow stronger and the balls start coming faster. The patterns are carefully sized to make sure that the gloves fit each hand properly.

Typically these gloves are sold for around $70-80 but you can often find sales at the right time of year. It isn’t generally recommended to buy a baseball glove more than very lightly used as the padding will wear down over a series of years. Besides, if your kid is getting serious about baseball this investment will be well worth it, giving them the confidence they need to succeed and protecting them from wrist injuries sustained by poor catching.

Akadema Prodigy Youth Glove

Akadema Prodigy Youth Glove

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The Akadema Prodigy Youth Glove is an excellent choice for the more casual baseball player. It comes with a smaller wrist opening and thinner finger stalls to provide young players with more comfort and control. The Akadema Prodigy Youth Glove is also designed to be effective in all positions, whereas many of the other gloves on this list are intended for a specific position.

Akadema-Lyte leather makes this glove lighter and therefore more comfortable for younger players than many of its competitors.

This glove can cost up to $90.00 but it is all the casual baseball player will ever need. The high quality leather will last for decades if the glove is properly cared for. More competitive players will want to choose a different glove.

Nokona Buffalo Combo Youth Baseball Glove

Nokona Buffalo Combo Youth Baseball Glove

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The Nokona Buffalo Combo uses only the highest quality buffalo leather from Texas. This makes it one of the strongest and most durable youth baseball gloves available today. This particular youth baseball glove is also handmade in Nocona, Texas.

The Nokona Buffalo Combo Youth Baseball Glove comes with a hefty price tag of $240 but if your child is going to be playing baseball for a long time this is one of the best gloves you can ever get them. It doesn’t come with some of the advanced features found in other gloves on this list but a Nokona Buffalo Combo will last your kid a long time.

Choosing the right baseball glove for your kid can be hard but it doesn’t have to be. No matter what your budget you can find a high quality glove your child will be able to use for several seasons to come. You can often get steep discounts purchasing baseball gloves for youth online but you should also take your kid in to the local sports store so they can try the glove on. If they’re not comfortable wearing it they won’t be confident playing in it.