Best Golf GPS Watch

When you are out playing golf on the field and you want a device that can give you information on your swings and location, then a GPS watch is all you need since it is compact and easily straps to your hand. Many golfers today use this type of watch because most of them can be linked to your smartphone and review your activity. Golf GPS watches are basically field measurement devices that will map out the course for you, give you accurate directions and distances and at the same time keep a track of your scoring and is a great help for Golf starters who are looking to improve their game play. Now, before you go rushing to a store and buy, here are some things to consider before buying.

First is the design of the watch. Since you will be wearing it in your hand all the time, you must look for a watch that has a large display to easily see and keep track of your progress. Some manufacturers design their products differently, so it is better to choose the one you are comfortable using.

Another thing to look into a Golf GPS watch is its battery life. As a device packs more features, the more power it needs to operate. This is one of the most important features which directly relates to the amount of time that you spend for a single round on your local Golf course. Choose a model which would at the least work for multiple rounds before requiring a recharge.

The durability of the watch you choose is another factor to consider. Since you will be out on the field swinging your club, your watch must withstand the abuse of the shock and intensity of your swing. A shock-proof and waterproof GPS watch is a must have feature especially if you’re in an outdoor environment. Of course, you need to protect your investment since most GPS watches can be a bit expensive.

Finally, look for a Golf GPS watch that is easy to use because it really makes no sense to have a highly complex range of features which are difficult to navigate and use while playing. Before buying, try to test out the watch if you are comfortable using it. If in doubt about a particular watch you want to buy, ask some people who have knowledge about these products or search the internet for user ratings to know more about it. So, if you are shopping for quality Golf GPS watches, here are some of the best you can buy today.

7 Golf GPS Watches to buy

7. Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch

The Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch is a small, sleek and comfortable watch with a long battery life. It is preloaded with over 35,000 courses in more than 30 countries, no downloads, and no membership fees. It also features auto course recognition and auto hole advance with easy-to-read front, back and center distances. With up to 4 hazards or lay up distances per hole and a distance calculator and integrated step counter. It is legal for tournament play and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

6. ScoreBand Golf GPS Watch

If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive Golf GPS watch, then this is the one to buy. It’s a strong, stylish, lightweight, comfortable and reliable golf course yardage finder and scorecard on your wrist. So simple you can start using it right out of the box. The ScoreBand GOLF arrives preloaded with 30,000 courses worldwide with no extra subscription fees. It has yardage to hazards, stores up to ten rounds of scores and you can quickly transfer score data to PC with USB cable included in the package. Its long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery can power the watch for 8-10 hours in GPS mode.

5. TomTom Golf- Golfer 2 GPS Watch

With the Golfer 2, you can keep perfect score without taking your eye off the game thanks to the auto-scorecard feature. It will also record and categorize the kind of shots you’ve taken for analysis later on the MySports app so you can identify improvements for your next round. The TomTom Golfer 2 gives you precise distances to hazards ahead, greens, and lay-ups, to help you master every hole. Stay out of the water and the bunkers with the help of hazard-view. This Golf GPS watch comes preloaded with full course data of over 40,000 international golf courses.

4. Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch

The Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch delivers fast, accurate distances to greens, hazards, and doglegs via the convenience and comfort of a watch. Upon launching into GPS mode, the Callaway GPSy Watch automatically locates your course and will auto-advance from hole-to-hole during play. With just a glance you’ll have accurate distances to the front, center, and back of the green, as well as layup and carry distances to hazards and doglegs. It also comes preloaded with over 30,000+ global course maps with no download or subscription fees are required.

3. Golf Buddy BB5 Golf Range Finder Wrist Band GPS Band Watch

The GolfBuddy BB5 is the 1st ever golf GPS band in the world. This unique and fashionable band offers distances to the front, center, and back of the green with an LED display. The BB5 features time mode, play mode, pedometer, and comes preloaded with over 37,000 courses. The BB5 offers comfort, style, and function, all in one. This watch also comes preloaded with over 37,000 courses worldwide. If you prefer the design of a wristband, this is the one to get.

2. SkyCaddie Linx GT Game Tracking Edition

The SkyCaddie Linx GT game tracking edition is Golf’s first GPS rangefinder and shot tracking watch with mobile GPS app. Linx GT is a standalone GPS watch that features sky golf’s best-in-class true ground course maps, preloaded to provide golfers with distances they know they can trust.  It’s a three-in-one watch with quick GPS distances on your wrist, expanded view of the hole on your smart phone and shot tracking in real-time.

1. Garmin Approach S20

The Garmin Approach S20 provides precise distances to the front, back and the middle of the green from anywhere on the course. It also allows you to see distances to doglegs and layups, position pins manually and create your own yardage points. It has an activity tracking that keeps track of your steps, calories burned, distance, time of day, and sleep. With its GreenView feature, you can see the exact shape and layout of the green.

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Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners 2017 – Top 7 Revealed

January 26, 2017

For many years, boxing has been a great sport to watch as it is a test of power and endurance. Many people nowadays are also into boxing because it’s a good exercise and some self-defense. If you want to get started into boxing, then the most important gear you need is a pair of boxing gloves. Before you buy your first boxing glove, here are some things you should look into when shopping for one.

Boxing Gloves Buying Guide

Types of gloves:

Boxing gloves come in different types and each has its specific use. The type of gloves are known as bag, training, sparring, cardio, fighting and kickboxing gloves. When this is your first time buying, it is important to know how you will be using it, as the shape and contours of the glove matter whether you are sparring or just hitting the bag. Also, there is no boxing glove that can be used as bag gloves and for sparring, so might probably need to buy a different set of gloves.


Another thing to consider is the size of the boxing gloves you will be using. Gloves sizes are measured in ounces and must not be confused with the weight. The bigger the gloves, the heavier it is to use. When trying out different gloves, make sure it is a snug fit to your hands because you don’t want a boxing glove that is loose as you most likely have an injury. Lastly, you want a boxing glove that is made by a well-known manufacturer or the ones used by professionals.

Warning on cheap gloves:

Never buy cheap boxing gloves because the materials used may not be of good quality which will not provide the right protection for your hands. Since there are many boxing gloves available, choosing the most expensive one may not be a good idea especially if you are just about to start boxing. To help with your choices, here are the best boxing gloves you can buy today.

Top 7 Boxing Gloves for Beginners

best boxing gloves for beginners 2017

1. Ringside Pro Style IMF Tech Training Gloves

The all new Ringside IMF Tech Sparring Gloves are here and represent the next generation of professional workout gloves. A wrap-around, hook and loop closure fits secular into the channelled wrist, making it completely unobtrusive. A supportive, segmented cuff acts as a second-hand wrap as it adds stability to the wrist, while a flexible upper wrist hinge allows just the right amount flexibility. The injected moulded foam padding is pre-curved and provides the most shock-absorbing capabilities in the business and requires no break-in period. Overall, this is a great quality and reasonably-priced boxing gloves for beginners.

2. Hayabusa Fightwear Tokushu Regenesis 10oz Gloves

Hayabusa is another well-known brand that makes quality boxing gloves for beginners and professionals. These gloves feature a patented Dual-X wrist closure that provides perfect ergonomic alignment of the athletes’ hand and wrist. The fusion splinting is a clinically proven technology helps keep the hand in perfect alignment with the wrist and arm. The wrist is prevented from bending in suboptimal ways, ensuring strikes are delivered with maximum power and in a manner that avoids injury. With exclusive Hayabusa AG inner fabric, featuring X-Static XT2, an anti-microbial technology that delivers anti-odor properties and provides enhanced breathability and thermo-regulating properties for ultimate comfort.

3. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

The Venum Elite comes with 100 percent premium Skintex leather and is fully handmade in Thailand. With interior mesh panels, this boxing glove offers enhanced thermal regulation for improved comfort even as you push your limits. Meanwhile reinforced palms, long cuffs, and triple density foam that provides unrivalled shock absorption, protecting your hands and wrists, and extending your training time. The strengthened seams provide long-lasting quality, so you can fight longer.

4. RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Gloves

The RDX authentic full-grain cowhide leather Gel-Tech Muay-Thai Kick-Boxing Gloves are resilient, durable and long lasting. Shell-Shock gel infused Tetra-padding provides enhanced shock absorption thanks to gel Efficax Lining between each slab of padding. It also has a CoolX mesh on the palm side and specially perforated inner thumb ensures ventilation and hand-breathability, wicking moisture away from the skin. Wraparound Quick-EZ Velcro closure gives ample support to the wrist by comfortably holding it in place and providing a snug fit. Finally, a padded grip hose enables proper punching technique to avoid injury.

5. TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

The Title Gel World Bag Gloves now comes with an exclusive Gel Enforced Lining and multi-layered foam padding for the ultimate in style, performance, protection and power. The gel lining delivers an unbeatable layer of custom form fit and impact resistance. Friends, once you try these you will not go back to regular bag gloves again. The all-leather outer with special hand compartment lining is for a cool, dry and comfortable wear. The awesome wraparound adjustable wrist strap with D-ring and hook-and-loop closure is for a secure fit and prevents any hand injury.

6. Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Training Gloves

Experience the quality & craftsmanship enjoyed by the greatest boxing champions of all time. These gloves are made for sparring. Padding is distributed more towards the knuckle, protecting the wearer’s hand from damage. Its full Velcro leather wrap ensures a secure fit during training. Perfectly contoured hand compartment gives the wearer a comfortable feel. These gloves sport the same leather strap with hook-and-loop closure for a firm and quicker adjustment as the classic Cleto Reyes Training Gloves, and then some. It has two whole inches of padding in the punch area for better protection.

7. Rival High Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves

The Rival High Performance Hook-and-Loop Sparring Gloves is all you need if you want the best boxing gloves available today. It has a unique conic design and snug fitting long cuff for optimal wrist support. Rival’s Ergo Xtrem Strap System is one of the best wrist supports around. The wrist support is soft, has ample padding, and very comfortable. You won’t feel soreness in the wrist area even when training for a long time. Aside from comfort, It also provides great protection for your hands and your sparring partner. For the price, you will surely be satisfied with this pair of boxing gloves.

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Best Running Shoes for High Arches

A high arch is usually caused by placing excessive weight on the ball or heel – or both – of the foot. Also knownas the cavus foot, this condition happens while the person is walking or standing using the wrong pair of shoes. It can develop in any age group on both feet. This situation can be difficult to deal with, but there are now plenty of options out there that can provide optimal foot support. Below are the top 10 running shoes for people with high arch.

Running Shoes for High Arches

Asics Gel Kayano 22

The Asics Gel Kayano 22 features the FluidRide and Ortholite X40. These two will provide you with stable and comfortable strides. Asics uses a patented gel cushioning technology that provides support on the forefoot and rearfoot. The FluidRide system helps you enjoy the perfect cushiong. With its gel-equipped design, this pair of running shoes will work great on your high-arched feet.

Asics Gel Kinsei 4

The Gel Kinsei 4 is one of the best Asics models for high-arched runners. This pair comes with features that will help improve a runner’s comfort, and stride efficiency, while reducing the risk of injury. The Kinsei 4 provides ample support and cushioning to make your runs exciting. Its gel cushioning system can make each run more fun without feeling any form of foot discomfort. This pair is the perfect choice for runners who plan to take on longer distances.

Nike Air Pegasus+ 30

This pair of Nike running shoes has a neutral design that will best fit high-arched individuals. It is capable of providing a comfortable and effective cushioning for neutral runners, even when used for long distance running. The upper portion features an engineered mesh that brings more air to your feet for added comfort. Its cushioning technology will give you ample support with every stride. Best of all, its design makes it extremely reliable for high-arched, long distance runners.

Salomon XR Mission

This pair is a great option for trail running, especially if you have high arches. It has a solid arch support, where the outsoles are made of Contagrip slip-resistant rubber that is perfect for trails and roads. In addition, the back soles and heels are designed to provide extra heel support. The upper portion is made of breathable mesh that helps reduce moisture buildup to keep your feet comfortable and blister-free. The Quicklace system, meanwhile, is incorporated for a more secured fit.

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10

These shoes are perfect for both walking and running. They provide a high quality arch support that would prevent you from experiencing any form of discomfort. In addition, this model is lightweight, weighing only 295 grams.

Brooks Glycerin 13

The Brooks Glycerin 13 provides an impressive arch support. If you are looking for a good pair of running shoes for your high-arched feet, then this should be considered. Heavier individuals will benefit from this pair. The upper portion uses 3D Fit Print overlays for added comfort.

It helps reduce the weight off, particularly from the heel, since this is the part where high-arched individuals suffer the most. This pair is also lightweight and easy to wear. There are also sizes available for users with narrow feet.

Saucony Ride 8

The Saucony Ride 8 is made of high-quality synthetic materials. This pair is designed for people with normal to high-arched feet. It features deep forefoot grooves that will help high-arched people feel more comfortable when running or walking. It also uses a HydraMAX collar lining that absorbs shock to prevent injury. Weighing only 9.9 ounces, this pair is definitely lightweight and suitable for people with feet issues.

New Balance 1080

The New Balance 1080 is a perfect pair for people with high arch. It provides optimal foot support, as well as a stylish design that you can wear with your casual clothes. The toe box is roomy enough to let your toes stay comfortable and be able to carry more weight.

This pair is lightweight as well, weighing 292 grams for the men’s and 247 grams for the women’s. In addition, this model uses the ACTEVA LITE mid-sole that is 24 percent lighter than the standard foam. The Ortholite Sockliner works to provide additional underfoot cushioning.

Asics Gel Nimbus

The Asics Gel Nimbus uses the FluidFit technology that combines the stretch reinforcements and multidirectional stretch mesh to fit your feet like a glove. With Asics’ patented gel cushioning system, the amount of shock received by your feet is reduced significantly. This cushioning technology helps lower your risk of injury, and provide a smoother transition at every stride.

The gel cushioning is also provided on the forefoot and rearfoot for an impressive high arch support. This pair is best worn by people with neutral supination and under pronation. The Exoskeletal heel counter completes your comfortable running experience by stabilizing your heel to minimize or eliminate discomfort.

Adidas Supernova Glide 5-7

The Adidas Supernova Glide offers an extremely effective arch support. Running will become more enjoyable because of this one, thanks to its Torsion system for the midfoot and the Continental rubber out-sole. This will make running in the pavement less stressful on the feet, and leg joints. The Supernova Glide is a perfect pair for people with neutral feet because of its responsive and soft cushioning. If you are looking for a mid-weight shoe option for your high-arched feet, then this is a model that you should also consider.

Bottom Line

People suffering from high arched feet know that finding the right pair of shoes can be a daunting task. A high-arched foot experiences symptoms, such as loss of balance and instability; heel pain while standing or walking; claw or hammer toes; calluses on the ball, heel, or side of the feet; and random ankle sprains due to inward tilting of the heels.

It is crucial to invest in proper footwear if you want to deal with the pain. Providing your feet ample support will help alleviate the discomfort caused by the high arches throughout the day. This is because your body needs to distribute the weight it places on your feet, instead of placing excessive pressure on the heel.

Best Sneakers for Flat Feet

July 22, 2016

Flat-footedness is normally caused by the body’s failure to develop the arches. Another scenario is when the feet muscles are too weak to keep the arches, so they collapse. People with this condition find it extremely difficult to wear regular shoes. Wearing the wrong shoes will cause the lower arch to become painful and result in over-pronation. This article will review some of the best sneakers for flat feet that can you walk or run without pain.

Sneakers for Flat Feet 

Asics Gel Super J33

The Gel Super J33 is a stability shoe that promotes natural running for flat-footed runners. Its mid-sole is designed using the brand’s Fluid Axes technology that comes with flex grooves to encourage a smooth motion and transition. The grooves cut the mid-sole lengthwise, where one side help you pronate naturally, while the other has a harder foam that prevents you from over-pronation. The upper portion features a light mesh wrapped with welded overlays. Simple metal eyelets are seen around the tongue to complete the look. Overall, the Gel Super J33 provides a snug fit and a roomy toebox to allow for more flexibility.

Nike Lunarglide 6

The Lunarglide 6 is one of the best stability shoe on the list. It provides optimal arch support that helps prevent you from over-pronating. This lightweight trainer also offers a snug fit, making walking or running comfortable. The entire sole features the Lunarfoam that enhances the cushioning for better shock absorption and stability. This foam conforms to your feet for a comfortable and secured fit.

In addition, the reinforced mid-sole prevents you from over-pronating. Nike used the Dynamic Support system, as well as dual-density cushioning on the mid-sole to provide you with a plush platform with ample medial support. The crash pad at the heel’s bottom portion provides additional support and allows for the correction of overpronation. Overall, this pair makes a great option for cross training.

Saucony Hurricane 15

The Saucony Hurricane 15 is another stability shoe that works great for over-pronators. They may be a bit heavier, but are still great for long distance running, speed work, and gym training. The out-sole is made of carbon rubber that allows for high wear resistance and excellent traction. The IBR+ out-sole around the forefoot promotes improved cushioning and energy absorption.

The mid-sole features a PowerGrid technology that offers impact distribution and medial support. It also uses a dual-density foam that makes each stride comfortable. Other cushioning technologies used on this pair include the SRC Impact Zone and Impact Interface. This pair ensures a snug fit and promotes comfortable movements of the forefoot and heels.

New Balance M1260v3

The M1260v3 is designed to accommodate people with over-pronating and flat feet. It features an excellent cushioning distribution. Using the Acteva Lite technology on the mid-sole, you are ensured optimal cushioning and compression resistance.

The mid-sole is also made better with the N2 technology that helps maintain ample cushioning and make the shoes lighter. The eight-millimeter heel-to-toe drop promotes the correction of your flat-footedness. The T-Beam shank on the mid-foot of the shoe offers optimal arch support and torsional stability.

Asics GT2000 2

The GT2000 2 is perfect for people looking for a good pair of stability shoes with ample arch support and a comfortable upper portion. The mid-sole uses the Fluid Ride technology that offers supportive cushioning and a bouncy underfoot. This feature also makes this pair lightweight and extremely durable.

The structure includes the Trusstic system for improved gait efficiency, and midfoot structural integrity. This model also used a Dynamic DuoMax heel pad for optimal support and stability. The out-sole, meanwhile, is made of high abrasion rubber that improves the pair’s overall durability. If you are looking for better mid-sole compression, then this pair could be for you.

Brooks Ravenna 4

The Brooks Ravenna 4 offers an impressive balance of pronation control and cushioning. It provides decent performance and comfort, as well as a classic look for an affordable price. In addition, this model’s mid-sole is made of BioMoGo foam, developed by Brooks to become the first biodegradable mid-sole foam. This technology provides the same performance and cushioning as the standard mid-soles, but more durable.

The foam on the medial side offers a dual-density construction, while the solid mid-foot shank ensures ample arch support. The heel crash pad, meanwhile, provides a smooth heel laydown and compression. The Ravenna 4 has the necessary features to prevent your feet from collapsing, resulting in a comfortable walking or running experience.

Asics Gel Kayano-19

The Gel Kayano 19 is a motion-control model that is lightweight and ensures ample support and cushioning. This shoe features the Dynamic Duomax that prevents you from over-pronating. Its medial post system is firmer than the previous Duomax version, providing you with a softer pronation correction by preventing the excessive inward stride. The mid-sole also uses the SoLite foam that gives enough cushioning, and enough responsiveness.

The gel pods seen between the mid-sole layers promote comfort and support, while the heel portion has a memory foam that helps reduce friction. The out-sole has blown rubber lugs with flex grooves for additional mid-sole flexibility. The upper uses TPU overlays that provides better gripping and a comfortable fit.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 promotes improved responsiveness and balance to help people with flat feet, that over-pronates, or have a low-arch. Its platform offers a stable, lightweight, and quick run. The Wave plate is placed to serve as shock absorbers when your feet touch the ground, and reduce the impact. This plate also provides more cushioning and keeps your feet centered in the shoe.

The mid-sole is made of U4ic material that is lightweight and offers durability and better shock absorption. The grooves on it help promote a smooth transition at each stride. The upper is made of an air mesh that keeps your feet dry and cool. With an OrthoLite Sockliner, your feet will stay moisture-free and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Flat-footed people have long been suffering from the lack of arch support when wearing shoes. Thankfully, technology has paved the way to the creation of stability and motion control shoes that provide adequate support and cushioning. Some models even have features that help correct the over-pronation of the feet. Check out the models reviewed above and see which pair will best suit your taste and needs.

Weslo Treadmill Reviews

Weslo Treadmill Reviews

If you are wondering why some people cannot be found inside the gyms but still able to maintain their physical appearance, most especially their fit bodies, they must be exercising religiously at home. So what else do you expect them to use but a treadmill!

But since there are a whole lot of treadmill options in the market, which one should you pick? Below, we take time out to introduce to you the benefits that the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 treadmill is able to provide its users. Let’s take a look and see the merits and downsides of this equipment.

Product overview

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is among today’s latest models and a best seller at a competitive price.  It is an upgraded version of the 5.2 model and offers a total plug and play experience, easy set up and operation system.


  • Space saver design / treadmill folds up for storage
  • Running surface: 16” x 50” wide
  • 6 personal trainer workouts included
  • Two-position incline belt adjustment
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Dimensions: 68 x 31 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 117 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs
  • Speed: 0 – 10 mph
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • 2.25 hp strong and 1.5 continuous hp drive motor

Beginners in treadmill exercisers love this treadmill because of simplicity and convenience. It features 6 pre-programmed workouts, an adjustable speed dial going to a maximum of 10 mph. Its electronic LCD aids in accurately tracking workout progress and displays calories burned, distance, speed, and time elapsed. The unit folds allowing for quick storage and fitted with wheels for mobility.

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 makes an exceptional addition to home gyms and a great bargain with regards to functionality. Design was made by a personal trainer which makes it a highly effective tool for workouts. It is aimed for burning fat, increasing endurance, and blasting off calories from the body.

The model features comfortable cell cushioning to lessen joint stress during exercise routines. The incline feature is highly adjustable for users to increase workout intensity levels.


  • Convenient
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Compact
  • Mobility features
  • Adjustable speeds
  • LCD readout for easy progress tracking
  • Capable of 5% manual incline for intense workouts


  • Lacks some advanced features
  • 250-lb weight limit
  • Smaller than other standard treadmills
  • Noisy

Many users complain that it lacked advanced features and functionalities found in other rival treadmills. It is marketed as a starter unit, focused for those who aim to increase fitness levels or start on a new workout program. While it has a weight limit of 250 lbs, it is still suitable to use by any average user. Its smaller-than-standard size is ideal for people who reside in small apartments or those with limited spaces.

The unit’s compact size make it easy to transport and store in small spaces. This treadmill has a moderate price which makes up for its deficiencies and its positive features stands alongside other competing treadmills around town.


Although rival Exerpeutic 350 has a 350-lb capacity topping Weslo Cadence’s 250, the former doesn’t come with an incline and can only reach a maximum speed of 4 mph.

By and large, this treadmill is an outstanding piece of equipment for people looking to add something valuable and efficient to their home gyms. It also does well on the financial aspect and strongly stands out when pitted with other units in terms of features.

And although some users complained about the equipment being noisy, how well can you deal with something with this price that is peppered with good features? Is being noisy too big a problem for an efficient exercise tool?

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Total Gym XLS Reviews

Total Gym XLS Review

It’s easy to stay fit and maintain your body using the Total Gym XLS home gym. It features total workout programs and tools that eliminate guesswork we always do whenever we are executing our routines at home. So, what’s with this machine that many users are talking about? Features? Durability? Ease of use? Let’s find out.

This Total Gym XLS is a workout machine that promises to provide consumers with easy and effective methods to work their way through upper and lower body muscles. It has a compact design which can be folded up for storage purposes. This one-machine workout system requires no assembly and occupies only a portion of your room which is unlike other equipment that reaches out from door to your bed.

The XLS is focused on providing low-impact and full muscle workouts that are specifically designed for the user’s body weight. Therefore, it allows for full-customizable routines. The system supports weight to a maximum of 400 lbs and comes with nylon strap handles, pulley and cable system, leg pull accessory, and a glide board with a featured head support.


  • Machine frame covered by a lifetime warranty
  • 80 different exercise options
  • 400 pound weight capacity
  • Upgraded stand squat, pulley, and cable system
  • Upgraded comfort system
  • Padded glideboard with head support
  • Chrome package
  • Dimensions folded: 19″ W x 51″ L x 9″ H
  • Dimensions unfolded: 19″ W x 90″ L x 43″ H
  • Warranty: 6 months
  • Instructional card

As an upgraded version of the standard Total Gym workout system, this model can be used for extended workout routines just as for short, targeted workouts. Even beginners will enjoy the benefits of this equipment due to the accompanying instructional manual. It has 1.5” thick foam padding to offer enough support and comfort positions, while its 6-level resistance control helps in adjusting difficulty levels of exercises to best suit fitness capabilities.


Using the XLS to tone down muscles is never a boring proposition with its 80 workout setups. It encourages creativity in switching up to possible and highly suggested routines. You can alter its resistance inclines if you choose either an easier or a more difficult level which makes it perfect to use for the entire family.

The variety of incline and resistance levels make the setup a great alternative tool for those who are into physical therapy programs due to the challenges that would enable them to safely recover strength in due time. Nutritional and meal plan suggestions also come with every purchase to help users in their healthy living endeavor.


Although the frame in general carries a lifetime warranty, some parts are backed by a plain six month warranty which is limited in scope for active users. Replacement parts are readily available, but with over $700 spent for the entire machine, purchasing parts can be very frustrating in the long run. Even though the XLS provides consumers value for their money, it still is an expensive purchase much so if it is bought at a full price.

There are competitor models that also offer several workout options more than what it does like the Vigorfit home gym which features a squat stand that is padded and more supportive which can be adjusted to more resistance levels. Nevertheless, the Total Gym XLS is still considered as among the best known brands when it comes to at-home gym systems.

The Verdict

Taken as a whole, the Total Gym XLS system seems like a quality investment for those looking for compact home gym setup. Though it has some downsides, the impressive design allows for so many benefits starting from easy storage to weight capacity of 400 lbs. With so many competing gym workout equipment sold around, the XLS still holds true to its promise which is to provide users with total satisfaction from a name that spells quality assurance.

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Polar FT60 Review

The Polar FT60 is an excellent fitness wearable that monitors your heart rate as you workout for optimal results. This product is designed for weightlifting, running, and even swimming. It allows you to set your personal goals and helps you achieve them. The FT60 comes in various stylish colors for men and women, and you can get one starting at around $111.00 on Amazon.

Polar FT60 Review

Key Features

  • Personalized training programs that are easy to understand and follow
  • Motivational rewards for achieved goals
  • Five-minute fitness test to monitor user progress
  • Comfortable fabric heartrate monitor strap for training convenience
  • Fat and calories burned percentage displayed on screen
  • Storage space for 100 training data
  • Impressive backlight for convenient indoor exercising
  • Compatible with optional distance and speed sensors

Personal Touch

The Polar FT60 logs your trainings and uses the information to come up with tailor-made workout plans to help you achieve your fitness goals. Once you are done with your workout, your training data can be made available on the Polar website. Another great thing about this heartrate monitor is that you can choose from the wide variety of designs for men and women.

Smart Training

The FT60 works like a smart fitness trainer. It keeps track of your workouts and puts together training plans to help you hit your goals without going beyond what is safe for you. It can also notify you whether you have gone beyond your limit and when you are under-doing your workout. The FT60 heartrate monitor basically works like your virtual fitness trainer.

The heartrate monitor is the main reason why the FT60 is capable of telling whether you are over- or under-doing your workouts. It makes a noise whenever you hit the danger zone to keep you efficient during your workout and maintain a good cardiac health. This fitness product does not only help you stay in shape, but also allow you to make the right decisions.

If you love to tinker, then you will appreciate the information being sent by the FT60. Unlike the other fitness bands that light up and make sounds without any data aside from the clock, the FT60 allows you to view your workout information right on your wrist. The screen display keeps you well-updated about your training progress and keep you motivated throughout.

One of the main reasons why this product is a hit is its ability to work well under water without any signal issues. Furthermore, Polar provides the Weblink software that can easily be downloaded from the brand’s website and installed. This software allows you to quickly review your workouts and see your training goals for the week. The website provides helpful information that will help you successfully achieve your fitness targets on time.


It should be noted, however, that the Polar FT60 is not a perfect product. There are some drawbacks that should be considered. One possible downside is that the heartrate monitor comes in limited designs for men. This should not be a major issue as the choices are definitely attractive. Besides, the aesthetic appeal should not on top of your buying criteria.

Furthermore, the Polar FT60 does not come with a cheap price tag. Its full price is more than $200. You can, however, purchase the more affordable offer of $111.11 on Amazon.


The Polar FT60 is loaded with features and options that will make every training session worthwhile. Its highly-accurate heartrate monitor can help keep your workout challenging enough without bring danger to your overall health. One great thing about this fitness product is that you can customize it with optional add-ons to make it more compelling.

While the FT60 lacked the color choices, this should not hinder you from purchasing this product as its incredible features outweigh this disadvantage. Its price tag should also be the least of your concerns. You can purchase a more affordable FT60 through Amazon, about $100 cheaper than its regular price. Overall, the Polar FT60 has all the essential training features inside a stylish wristband that will not disappoint.

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Top 8 Best Walking Shoes for Men


Men who walk must have a decent pair of walking shoes. These shoes should provide arch support, comfort, and stability which are not offered by your other pairs of shoes. If you are a regular brisk walker or just love to walk around to tone down your leg muscles, then, you should be fine in something that serves the purpose and at the same time get a plus for selecting a good design.

Best Walking Shoes for Men

Here are the top 10 best walking shoes for men this 2016:

8. Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4

This pair is made of synthetic and textile fabric finish and allows for comfort, protection, and enough if for your feet to breathe even during hot weather conditions. To provide comfort in hiking or trails, it has rubber sole and detachable insoles. To make your feet breathe naturally, it is made with Biomorphic Fit technology on the upper part of the shoe. It includes a medial-side bunion window for improved comfort and fit and engineered to offer heel-to-toe transition. Its enhanced gel cushioning pads absorbs shock and the OrthoLite footbed offers users with added cushioning for more comfort wear.

7. Clarks Men’s Portland – Classic Black Walking Shoes

Clark’s Men’s Portland classic walking shoes is provided with support and cushioning by Ortholite® footbed. This pair of walking shoes is really good looking and quite comfortable to wear. It features breathable leather that eliminates the possibility of sweating that often leads to foul smelling feet. This model has extended sizes and wide widths to accommodate those with funny-looking, oddly large feet that stand most of the time in a day day or walk miles to get to a bus station. The shaft measures 3″ from the arch, heels are approximately 1.5”, and platform is around 0.5”.

6. Converse Unisex Men’s Chuck Taylor All Star OX Oxford Fashion Sneaker Shoe

Converse Unisex Men’s Chuck Taylor cotton sneakers are great for walking although it can also be used for other purposes. It has a canvas upper, low top, canvas upper and rubber sole that is typical of Converse shoes. The soles are made of gum rubber and laced up to close.

This flat pair of shoes belongs to the most sought after footwear for many men, as well as women, who love to wear for long walks in the park, trail, or hiking grounds. This pair is designed with simplicity and style in mind, and with a casual vintage look that any user would adore.

5. Mephisto Men’s Match Walking Shoe

This Mephisto sneaker is made of rich leather and looks handsome with a convenient lace closure that provides a more comfortable and secure and comfortable. It has a breathable leather lining that naturally takes away moisture and leaves the feet dry and less prone to odors. It uses soft air technology on its footbed that offers additional comfort.

With 100 % Caoutchouc outsole, it delivers traction so well and counts on the midsole’s Air-Jet system for additional support and perfect stride. As it is ideal for walks or everyday use, this pair of walking shoes can add value to your wardrobe anytime.

4. ASICS Men’s GEL-Foundation Walking Shoe

The all-black ASICS Men’s Gel-Foundation Walking Shoe looks solid inside and out, ready for miles of walking distances. It is highly durable and extremely comfortable. It is the popular choice of those who are meticulous in selecting footwear. This shoe model has therapeutic value as it works best for people suffering from knee pain.

It features soft sole and shock-resistant technology that helps you stand the rigors of walking or standing several hours of the day. It has removable insoles that allows for customized fit. This leather pair of shoes has synthetic soles and combined with mesh upper for more breathability. It also features a foam-padded tongue and collar that increases support for its users.

3. Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit Men’s Sneakers (631053-400)

The Nike Free 4.0 has rubber soles and made out of synthetic-and-leather materials. It has both men’s and women’s versions with the men’s weighing a meagre 0.47 lbs. Sizes available for this iconic brand range from 6 – 15 with heel-to-toe offset of 6mm.

Its midsoles are built with flexible hexagon grooves to give way for a full range of usage. Color options are available which includes white and solid black. Users claim that this is built with comfort and great arch support and tops the list of walking shoes for this brand.

2. Reebok Cushion

Reebok Cushion has rubber outsoles, synthetic leather exterior, and slip resistant soles that provide extra traction stability compared to other shoes. Its bevelled heel gives you additional bounce. This pair is perfect for uphill walks as it provides more traction. It has a pair of supportive soles flexible enough to offer all-day comfort or for extended periods of use.

Its 90% mesh and 10% synthetic construction works best for those who tire easily when walking. This lace-up, low-cut pair features a multi-colored exterior and uses DoubleBarrel technology as found on its tongues.

1. New Balance 101 Lightweight Trail Walking Shoes

The New Balance 101 has both female and male versions, with the men’s version weighing 0.47 lbs. New Balance is known for its durability in its walking shoes department and takes good care of their customers by using only the best materials for their footwear. Comfort is another integral part of its designs that stays aligned with the manufacturer’s objective of promoting a healthy and quality kind of wear.

This model has interlocking Sure-Laces that fastens the shoes securely. These shoes are priced reasonably and you can even select a wide toe box shoes if you have wide feet.


There are other models that you can choose from if you look at the websites of the manufacturers of these pairs of walking shoes. Chances are you might find one that works far better than what you have in mind. Remember: When choosing your next pair of walking shoes, be sure to get the brand that offers you utmost comfort and convenience.


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Top 7 Ping Pong Table Reviews

Ping pong tables can last for so many years that it can be inherited by your great grandchildren or other relatives when you’re long gone. But buying one requires deep thinking in order to come up with a table built with the right materials to make it last longer than you’d expect it to be.

We have gathered 7 of the finest in the industry for you to have a sneak peek and for you to get an idea out of reviews we made for each.

Ping Pong Table Reviews

7. Cornilleau Sport 500M Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Built with durability and style, the Cornilleau Sport 500M is an outdoor table tennis that features qualities typical of long lasting recreational equipment in remarkable design. This foldable table has a playing surface constructed with laminated 7mm resin able to stand the harshest games of ping pong. It is equipped with corner pads, locking mechanisms to prevent it from accidental collapse, sturdy collapsible legs arched to create a stronger base, and a long-lasting net.

This table is water-resistant to make it withstand changing temperatures and climates, a feature that spells high quality. Color options are in blue and slate, highlighted by an anti-glare MATTOP finish. The table skirting is made of metal and the sides can be folded up if a player wants to practice alone.

Users of this product have proven its capacity to stand the test of time and the locking device system makes it one of the safest tables to play on. The product received 5 out of 5 stars at online reviews and is a highly recommended table for professional or home outdoor practice

6. Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table

The Stiga Insta Play Table Tennis Table is set for action right out of the box. It is constructed with special edge band on the corners to prevent snagging and hurting the player while aiming for a close shot. It has 2-inch square legs made of steel, supported by a 2-inch steel apron for more stability. Playing surface is done in matte black with the usual striping and fitted on the sides with a 66”net that is supported by sturdy mounting posts.

With high quality materials, the table stands strong and can last for several years. Its table surface is constructed with a ¾” board which makes it even sturdier than others sold in the market today.

The table can be folded easily and saves a lot of space for storage which is a problem for many homeowners. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 by a good number of consumers. Among the few negative reviews it got was the sagging center of the table after several months of usage and some complained about defective legs. If only customer support is fast at acting on these issues, users will never bother complaining. But overall, this table comes highly suggested by majority of its users due to its side safety feature.

5. Butterfly TR21 Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table

If you are looking for a quality professional ping pong table with an affordable price, the Butterfly TR21 Personal Rollaway Table Tennis Table could be the one for you. This item is a good addition to your game room or can be purchased for a recreation center. One can play alone or in pairs in this easy-to-fold table which rolls away and locks in place when stored. Playing surface is extremely flat which allows for a good amount of bounce and built with warp-resist materials.

With its sturdy construction and high quality materials the Butterfly Rollaway table is sure to give your family or group many hours of enjoyment. It features a very flat and long lasting playing surface that will resist warping. It is made from ¾ inch wood and features a 1-1/2 inch steel skirting for added support, with 8 tube legs measuring approximately 1’’ each.

This rollaway table is built with a ¾”wooden top and a playing surface with 1.5”steel skirting. It is fitted with steel legs that provide full support for the entire equipment. Covered by a 3-year limited warranty, people flock to buy this highly acclaimed product as they know they can take advantage of this bonus feature in cases of defective purchases.

4. Kettler Top Star XL Outdoor Table Tennis Table

This 7/8″ patented table features weather-proof ALU-TEC top and comes with Climate-Control technology. Play is ultimately smooth and anti-reflective in this certified true bounce tournament table. It owns a space saver technology and has a low center gravity capability good for compact storage. It also features 5.5”dual wheel casters which makes it easy for transporting from one side of the yard to another. The table makes use of an integrated locking system to make it more stable while a game is on. Its DLS Dual Lock Safety Mechanism helps you to avoid accidental closing or opening.

Kettler is famous for its aluminium table tops and is a pioneer in water-resist technology made exclusively for table tennis construction. The process seals the wood permanently for a long time which makes it super durable and cost-saving for users in the long run.

3. Killerspin MyT5 Rollaway Table Tennis Table

The MyT5 Rollaway ping pong table features separate halves that fold up which makes it perfect for individual practice. The rollaway folding design is meant for easy carriage and the safety locking wheels helps in securing placement and stable play. This Killerspin model makes up for fast set up as it is easy to fold after the game.

The MyT5 Rollaway table is ideal for beginners and constructed with a 16mm MDF engineered with repeat roller coating. It has a heavy gauge 20mm x 50mm edge metal banding and 35mm square frame legs. It weighs 196 pounds and comes with a net. Overall, it measures 29.9” x 60” x 107.8”. According customer reviews, this table has excellent features which attract every player who wants to have an enjoyable weekend game.

2. JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

The Joola is a high quality indoor ping pong table designed to delight the family during recreational bonding moments. Construction materials in creating Joola were combined to create an ideal playing surface which includes a sturdy all-steel undercarriage and metal surfaces made with a long-lasting powder coating to ensure lasting effects. Its 2 halves can be separated and can be placed against a wall with dual sets of legs as support.

The table’s flat playing surface is made of ⅝” durable wood composite and has an underside made of 100% steel construction. To support the table, the legs are made of 1.5” steel with 4 sets of strong casters to lock them in. Product comes with a net and posts securely mounted on the sides. With dimensions of 108” x 60” x 30” and weighing 137 lbs., you are up for a good game anytime.

1. Viper Portable Tri-Fold Table Tennis and Game Table Top with Accessory Set

This portable trifold table can be mounted in a few seconds and can be set up on top of traditional dining room tables, pool tables, kitchen islands, and other platforms. You can also use this versatile equipment for a game of checkers, backgammon, or chess among others as these games can all be played using it. Product comes with a pair of paddles, a net, ping pong balls, and a carrying case.

Unfolded, this table measures at 84” x 42” x 1/4″. It is said that this is a great option for on-the-go players who may be up and about any time of the day. This table measures a good 2/3 of the normal table tennis table and good enough to generate bounce. Not mentioned on the product description is its ability to be folded in two places which makes it really diverse. It can take on several games whenever you get bored. However, some customers complain about its triangular plastic cap found on the corners falling off when used. But with the diversity it provides, more of its users can only say thanks to innovation.


Choosing needs careful examination and with the many brands competing for fame, you would sometimes end up with the least performing one.

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Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike

Looking for an exercise machine that lets you work both your lower and upper body? The problem with a lot of exercise bikes these days is that the trend seems to be taking the focus off of your arms so you simply work your legs, leaving you free to do anything else to keep your mind off of the workout and avoid getting bored. This trend seems to affect the way people would think about their upper body movement altogether. It’s pretty much okay if you were only after calorie burning. Or fat burning, but if you want to tone your muscles at the same time, it just wouldn’t cut it.

The Velocity Dual Motion Recumbent Bike allows you to both work your legs via the motion of riding a bike, while the rotating upper body exercise system targets your arms and improve upper body strength. The seat is very comfortable, relieving stress to your back, neck and shoulders, while working out the best parts of you.

The 5 Kilogram flywheel is at the front, so you know the bike does not fold away and store away. There are 8 levels of difficulty, and the seat adjusts to conform to your leg length. These help you to achieve the best fit as you mount the device and do your thing. Get the best cardio workout with this exercise bike.

Velocity, the company responsible for this machine, has been in the business for over 30 years, giving it the experience and the credibility you deserve in a great product. The equipment has passed strict ASTM standards for safety and durability.

A lot of users and owners have written positive reviews about this machine, stating it has even helped them with either themselves coming out of surgery or a family member who needs the exercise this machine can provide. The body of the unit is durable, as the frame is structurally steel, encased in very durable ABS plastic. The weight limit of the bike is 250 pounds. The seat is adjustable, made of polyurethane and therefore, very comfortable seating.

Within the handles are sensors for the heart rate monitor, it offers more than that, though, as it measures and tracks time, speed, ODO distance, calories. The bike now becomes a complete workout machine with the ability to track down the progress of your workout.

As mentioned earlier, the machine seems to be popular among people who have had either injuries or medical conditions, and uses the bike to either maintain physical activity or keep good cardio health. This tells me that the machine is not very difficult to figure out, and shows positive results. It is also not that hard to use. Although the bike does not fold to storage, the unit is compact enough to own its own space somewhere.

Place it in in front of the TV or a well thought of corner. It depends on your preference, Watch TV while you work out, while keeping it in a place of its own. The main charm of this unit is the ease of access it brings and the positive results reported by other owners. Another good thing about the equipment is that it is easy to assemble and you can start using the machine in no time at all.

The machine has been recommended by a lot of owners. These people had attested that the bike does give results, and have found that it fits their needs perfectly. Again, the best results of any exercise goal are the determination you feed it with. Until then, enjoy!

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